Fact: If you turn the XP part of Windows XP sideways it looks like a dead guy!


Windows XP... One of the most awesome versions of Microsick Microsoft Windows. XP's developer code name was Whistler, it was realised in 01, Year of the Fat Guy. Microsoft is trying to be a bunch on penii pewwie hats and killing it off. EVEN THOUGH ITS SUPERIOR TO WINDOWS FAKE 8! 

Evelyn's opinionEdit

Windows XP is a beautiful thing, the OS I grew up with. My friend for first using computers. It was always so kind and patient (I loved computers as a kid XD) and I always like Bliss, the background. It also had a special meaning to me, because the OS we used in 2nd grade, one of the best times of my life. Here is a link to the full theme: YYAYA LINK

It's an instant eargasm for me, and the first song to make me cry. *sniffles* EVEN WHEN YOUR EXTENDED SUPPORT ENDS I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU XP 

Microsoft Windows XP logo and wordmark.svg

The smexy logo.


Bliss, the default background. It's so pretty, it almost looks surreal!

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