Why did the Pokemon Company make Magikarp so weak? I mean it's the world's weakest Pokemon ever made! Fortunately, it evolves into a Gyarados, which is a pretty cool Pokemon.

"Look at me, I'm a little red fishy and I lose every freakin' POKEMON  BATTLE. Sorry, I just had to let that out. Wait...Pokemon can't talk. Crap. How am I talking? Maybe I am good for something: talking! ...Nah, I suck at that too."

Magikarp can only learn 3 attacks. Splash, Tackle, and Flail. .......Meh, Tackle is an okay attack, but it's still not that great. And for crying out freakin' crap, Splash and Flail don't even do any damage to the opponent! Don't get me wrong, Magikarp is cool and all....but REALLY?? Can't he be atleast a little bit stronger?

But I geuss I can't complain. I mean, there has been worse Pokemon:


Oh, the HORROR!!!!

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