we had yet another personal narrative assignment in english, so i decic]\ded to wrote abput of of the reasons i ahte baltimore. there may be some flaws in the stor,y it has yet to be revised lol. here it is! ILBMTY16 The preceding message is Pinkie Pie approved. 22:55, March 27, 2013 (UTC)

Screenshot 64

radar image of the scince center

Screenshot 65

this si the place the car got towed!


This is why I hate Baltimore


Yes, I have many entertaining stories. My trip to Mexico, that once where I was putting water balloons in the road and this guy got fed up and… yea. So one would think that I would love Baltimore since I was born there, right? WRONG. I have qualms with Baltimore and am a little too familiar with it. Well, I was never REALLY fond of big cities. I have panic disorder, this condition that kind of ruins fun in places with many people L. So do I like any highly populated areas? Nope. But Baltimore and I are rivals. We are special with a special bond. Enough rambling, let me tell you one of my grand Baltimore tales. Once upon a time, I, my father, and my brother, Sam, were taking one of our traditional trips to the Maryland Science Center. It was a nice, sunny, spring day, maybe a little on the chilly side. We parked our car on some steep hill, little did we know that there was limited parking due to some ball game, I think it was. We got of the car, and then the car ROLLED DOWN THE HILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha just kidding. We went down the hill into the building, and there were lots and lots of people walking around. A Baltimoron in it’s natural habitat, so to speak. What we did IN the Science Center couldn’t have been TOO eventful since I don’t remember well, but I will tell to the best of my recollection. I’m just going to say what I did in order. Put our jackets in storage area, climbed on dinosaur model, got in trouble, ate food, played with steam, bought something, ate food, blew bubbles, went to the bathroom, ate food, went to kiddie area (never too old.), got wet, bumped my head, ate food, watched someone explode a balloon, saw a bird run into the window, watched an IMAX movie while eating food, went to the bathroom, went to planetarium, saw some movie being projected on the ceiling, got dizzy, ate food, 10 minutes until closing alert went on, found a penny on the ground, went back to floor one,  5 minutes until closing alert went on, ate Sam’s food, got our jackets, and went outside by the time it was nearly dark, and in the nick of time also.  Wow. That’s a lot. Did I mention eating food? Hmm. It appears as if I kind of did that throughout. Hey, you don’t wanna know what happens when I’m food deprived. Anyhoo, believe it or not, THIS is when it gets exciting. We went up the hill to find an unpleasant and somewhat alarming surprise. The car was gone! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN. I know what you’re wondering. HOW ARE YOU STILL HERE, EVELYN?  Well, let’s start by saying how the current conditions were, we were outside, I don’t exactly know what temperature, but less than 32o. So I was shivery. We had to figure out what happened, and we came to the conclusion on the limited parking. We tried to call someone with my dad’s cell phone, but at the most inopportune time, the battery bit the dust. I still hold a grudge with that phone. We needed to find SOME way to contact my mom. Finally, traveling down the hill and resisting panic, we found a payphone, but we didn’t have any spare change. I was like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” we went around and asked some people for money, and it was very embarrassing considering we are NOT hobos. Finally we found someone generous enough to give us a few quarters. We used it to call my mom, but she didn’t pick up. Luckily, we didn’t use ALL of our money on that one call. We found an alternative, and called my neighbors. And not the good ones either. L. Of course we were like 30 minutes from home, 45 in typical traffic. This time, it was late at night, very dark outside, and WELL below freezing. It was extremely cold. We had to sit on the brick wall, near the Science Center, but we saw this guy who was locking the doors! We begged if we could come inside the Science Center to keep warm, but he denied our request. How rude. We had to sit outside in the cold, like hobos. Of course we hadn’t the foggiest idea this would happen when we left home, so we didn’t bring warm clothes. So my dad had to sit there in a t-shirt and jeans because he gave all his other clothes to Sam and I while we were griping about the temperature. Eventually, my neighbors arrived, and I was never so happy to see them in my life. They drove us home, and ever since then, Baltimore and I had a passive-aggressive relationship.  THE END!