"When I Talk to My Food" Is a poem that I made one day after a rush of inspiration.


Hello, my Jell-O

You’re such a wonderful fellow

Why do I chat with my meal, you may ask?

I’m just being nice

To my beans and rice

It’s not that hard of a task

I say to my soup “How do you do?”

I talk to my chicken about deja vu

Sometimes, they are chatty, too.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “this makes no sense!

I conversate with products that are 99 cents

But YOU’LL never understand, will you?

My pudding will discuss relationships with my tea

I’ll talk to pickles about the latest episodes of Glee

I love my food friends, I wonder if they like me?

I love Kiwi, she’s a rare find

And Potato, he’s one of a kind.

I love my food friends and I know for a fact, it’s not all just in my mind!

I do this whenever I have the time

And an occasional chat with my buddy, Lime.

Especially when I’m alone

People stared at me with awe

When I pulled this trickery down at the mall

But it’s best I keep it at home.

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