What??! No, I am not a narcissist! (Ok maybe a little ;) )

It's just that i am aware that many users on this wiki's community are doubting their potential, and I'm here to prove that it is alllll crap. So, just for fun, make a heading and please put 10 things you love about yourself. thank you! :) Buddy the Elf! What's your favorite color? 21:00, May 23, 2013 (UTC)


  1. My vital spirit
  2. The way I rarely overreact
  3. My new ways of getting work done quickly before fun time
  4. My ability to persevere, even though I've been through a lot of crap in life, you guys in most circumstances can't tell.
  5. My intelligence
  6. My friendliness (only obvious when well deserved, however)
  7. My realization for what clearly is and what clearly isn't (I'm focused as long as my head isn't in the clouds, haha!)
  8. My trustworthiness
  9. The way my friends rely on me and trust me. 
  10. the way I can go out of my way to protect myself and some others


1. My awesomeness

2. My friendliness

3. My cleverness

4. My persistence

5. To be filled in later

6. To be filled in later

7. To be filled in later

8. To be filled in later

9. To be filled in later

10. To be filled in later

SON OF A...Pixel!Edit

1. I have millions of cells that care about me.

2. I'm good with computers.

3. I have a girlfriend.

4. Not EVERYONE hates me.

5. To be filled in later

6. To be filled in later

7. To be filled in later

8. To be filled in later

9. To be filled in later

10. To be filled in later

Stefanie SuperstarEdit

1.) My boldness of how I act or what I say to my crush.

2.) I always try to be a good friend and listen no matter what.

3.) Most people are surprised at how understanding I am of other peoples situations. 

4.) my ability to work with all different types of people at any age (ex: Jyerr vs. people in a nursing home. Old and young, different conditions too)

5.) To be filled in later

6.) To be filled in later

7.) To be filled in later

8.) To be filled in later

9.) To be filled in later

10.) To be filled in later

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