post ways we can irritate u here! its fun!


  • eat ma' cheesy poofs cheetos
  • vandalise this wiki
  • tell me my feet smell
  • yell I LOVE KENNY MORE THAN YOU in my ear cuz ts obviosly not true
  • say my name (especially if u make fun of it for whatever reason)
  • become a zombie that tries to kill me
  • insult pie
  • cuss at pie
  • eat MY pie
  • unless i let u, but i still should have the rights to pinch u or something
  • it bothers me when anyone says this word cuz i never pronounce it right: acai POOP im mad i just said it, dont touch me right now!
  • irritating me, that would be double irritatiung me, which would be irrtating me again which would be irritating me again, which would be irritating me again, which would be irritating me again, which would be irritating me again, which would be irritating me again, which would be irritating me againx100 (999999 years later) which would be irritating me again whi.. this is getting old isnt it?
  • immitate me in a foolish way
  • immitate me at all
  • un;less ur making my look aesome
  • immitate a fly that is spazzing out
  • immitate anything, for goodness sakes, just dont imitate!
  • touch me (actually it depend who u are and where on me >:D )
  • come into my brain thoughts or consciousness withoout asking
  • love justin beiber (belibers that are reading, im sorry, or am i???)
  • poke ma butt (it depends who u are)
  • kill me
  • criticize me for using the computer and watching south park ALL DAY
  • stealing ma shtuffz
  • fart on me (i will either laugh or smack u)
  • drop meatloaf on my head from a 9 story building
  • stalk me like my cat (strangles cat like homer does to bart)
  • wear my pants (without accepted permission)
  • say south park sucks
  • say the simpsons sucks
  • say phineas and ferb sucks
  • chew food loudly
  • play with loud things near me
  • cuss at me (ill laugh hystarically if u cuss, but ill kick u in the nuts if u do it to me)
  • make me cleam
  • make me listen to oldies music
  • be mean to me
  • arrest me
  • pee on me
  • poop on me
  • hate this wiki
  • hug justin beiber
  • burp in my face
  • dumping my pickle juice in the sink
  • make fun of anything i like
  • kidnapping me from home uless u are
  • taking me away when im grounded
  • taking me out for sushi
  • taking me away out on a date (only if ur name is kenneth mccormick!)
  • spying on me
  • proove me incorrect or even tell me i am (i will act like nothings bothing me if u do, but inside, there is a part of my brain deeply seeking revenge and an urge to kick u again, in the nuts)
  • watch south park without me (but honestly if oi hear it playing i will abandon whatever im doing to go watch it)
  • make a promise and then break it or find a loophole to it such a manipulating me
  • talking about me (especially trash talking) in some language i cant understand
  • eating my food
  • beating me at a game im good at (same rule for the proving me wrong thing)
  • being really funny, cuz i like hogging that spotlight
  • being rude to me
  • spread rumors about me
  • tell people my secrets (even tho im not one for telling my secrets in the first place)
  • thinking about my boyfriend (ill give u a hint, his innitials are KM..)
  • mispronouncing the word "especially" as "expecially" or "egspecially"
  • getting a stomach ache
  • taking me places i dont like
  • coming into my house without my permission
  • and stealing stuff
  • and farting in there
  • lying to me (lying to anyone else is ok to me, tho, i do it all the time!)
  • stealing the leftovers from the dinner u were spying on us at
  • being sexier then me
  • pooping in my tiolet
  • peeing in the pool
  • killing kenny
            thtats all i feel like typing!


  • Saying that you love Bradley MORE than me (Cuz it is NOTTTTT True.. He is my boyfriend)
  • When people say mean things about my boyfriend.. Kenny and Bradley
  • When people say I am mean
  • People lie to me
  • When I have to pee and someone is using the bathroom
  • BRB I have to go somewhere


  • When my mom is driving, and she turns the turn signal on & I think we're going to McDonald's but instead she is turning into the alley.
  • When you make fun of me for no reason. Seriously, be my friend!
  • When you insult what I am wearing. I love to wear whatever I want so don't you dare make fun of it!
  • When i turn the radio on & a good song is on, but it's over!
  • When I am so thirsty and my voice gets really raspy.
  • When you ignore me & don't tell me why.
  • When you make fun of any way...never insult him I will always stand up for him! :D ♥
  • When i go to the store & I find something I want but my mum says, "It's not on sale so I am not getting it!"
  • When my hair is soo ugly and messy & i have to go and get my hair brush and fix it.

All I can think of for now but I KNOW I have others! :D


  • Insult me.
  • Say that I'm annoying like I'm trying to be annoying.
  • Call me dumb. (Pretty much the same as the first one)
  • Say that it's the truth when you (or someone) say something that's not true.
  • Vandalise one of my pages for no good reason.

More coming soon! :D

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