This is what I (Russelrules44) think will happen next year in WWE.

January 2014- The Royal Rumble.

Big E Langston vs David Otunga (US Champion) in 12:09 for the US title

Backstory: Dean Ambrose had become the best US Champion in years beating some of the best wrestlers on the roster like Kane, Big Show, The Miz and even John Cena, But after 157 days as US Champion, Ambrose's reign was finally derailed thanks to a freshly turned babyface Big E Langston, Langston ran roughshot as champion, Until Otunga low blowed Langston for the upset and his first singles title ever! Now Big E Langston is hungry and hungry for revenge, but will he best Otunga cleanly? Or will Otunga escape with another cheap win?

Match: Big E Langston pounds on Otunga good, Otunga reverses one punch however with a spinebuster, but it's not enough for the 3 count, Otunga goes to the top rope and does a senton bomb, but Big E Langston dodges, Big E Langston does a fireman's carry, but is it enough?.......YES! NO!.......It's not over yet! Bigd E Langston punches Otunga but wait! It's that low blow again! The damn referee didn't see it! And now David Otunga is going to steal away the match! 1! 2! BIG E KICKS OUT! My god what a match! Otunga says "that's it!" and prepares for The Verdict! But Langston dodges and carries him up! It's..............THE BIG ENDING! The cover! 1! 2! 3! We have a new U.S Champion!

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Big E Langston

Curtis Axel (IC Champion) vs M.V.P in 5:15 the Intercontinental title

Backstory: Curtis Axel has been undefeated for over 100 matches! And some say is on the quest to beat Goldberg's streak! Axel says that he has beaten everyone in the WWE that no one can defeat him!........Or can they? A former boaster himself MVP has returned to the WWE to give Axel a piece of his mind, A match at the royal rumble! Now that the match is on, We could be witnessing the streak end here.........TONIGHT!

Match- MVP is clearly showing that he has no ring rust in him, But here comes Axel, Dominating poor MVP, Oh sure MVP does get some offense in him, but in the end, Here comes the Perfect-Plex! And 3 pin after that and victory is his.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion- Curtis Axel

The Shield beat The Undertaker and Triple H in 24:09- if Triple H or The Undertaker gets pinned, He will be forced to retire! Since Triple H was pinned, He is forced to retire!

Big Show and The Miz beat Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan in 14:10 (Tag Team Champions) for the Tag Team title.

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry vs Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Champion) for the World Heavyweight Championship- Winner was Alberto Del Rio in 20:07

Royal Rumble:

Draw Entrant Face/Heel Eliminated by Time Eliminations
1 Zack Ryder Face JTG 1:23 0
2 Cody Rhodes Heel Ryback 12:07 1
3 Sheamus Face Wade Barrett 32:10 0
4 Brodus Clay Face Antonio Cesaro 4:11 0
5 JTG Heel Ryback 0:45 1
6 Antonio Cesaro Heel Ryback 32:05 1
7 R-Truth Face Wade Barrett 14:59 0
8 Scott Hall Legend Heath Slater 5:19 0
9 Heath Slater Heel Randy Orton, Wade Barrett and Ryback 21:00 1
10 Randy Orton Heel Cody Rhodes 45:07 1
11 Ryback Heel Wade Barrett 1:00:15 8
12 Wade Barrett Face No One 1:00:16 8
13 Yoshi Tatsu Face Wade Barrett 0:07 0
14 Jack Swagger Heel Randy Orton 2:19 0
15 The Miz Face Jake Roberts 12:10 0
16 Jake Roberts Legend CM Punk 9:19 1
17 Damien Sandow Heel The Great Khali 12:00 0
18 Rey Mysterio Face Wade Barrett 6:19 0
19 The Great Khali Face Ryback, Wade Barrett and CM Punk 5:15 1
20 CM Punk Face Stone Cold Steve Austin* 45:15 2
21 Kane Heel Ryback 8:09 3
22 Drew McIntyre Heel Kane 0:43 0
23 Jinder Mahal Heel Kane 0:57 0
24 Tajiri Legend Kane 1:08 0
25 William Regal Face Ryback 0:01.8 0
26 Big E Langston Face Santino Marella 3:19 0
27 Santino Marella Face Wade Barrett 8:12 1
28 Christian Heel Stone Cold Steve Austin 12:12 0
29 Justin Gabriel Face Ryback 0:05 0
30 Stone Cold Steve Austin Legend CM Punk* 9:19 2
  • Punk and Austin both threw each other out at the same time.

Main Event- Daniel Bryan defeats John Cena in 24:20 to retain the WWE Championship


DUD- Foul

1 Star- Bad.

2 Stars- Eh.

3 Stars- Good.

4 Stars- Great.

5 Stars- Awesome!

Half stars, Quarter Stars and yes, Even 3/4 stars are allowed.

Matches Ev Cdk2001 Star ???
Langston vs Otunga
Axel vs MVP
The Shield vs The Undertaker and Triple H
ShowMiz vs The Family
Orton vs Ziggler vs Del Rio vs Henry
Cena vs Bryan
Overall Star Results Ev Cdk2001 Star ???
Overall PPV Result: (From a scale of 1 to 10)

(Will post backstory of all matches and the full matches later!)

Elimation Chamber 2014Edit

Chamber Kickoff: The Miz vs Alex Riley

Backstory: Kind of just a friendly match.

Match Results: Alex Riley beats The Miz in 10:34 with a illegal rollup

Tag Team Championship: The Shield vs The Wyatt Family vs International Airstrike vs Prime Time Players

Backstory: The Family had just become tag team champions, That was where Bray Wyatt starting boasting that no soul (or wolf) could stop the Family........well, that was until The Shield came in (Thus making them tweeners in the process) and challenged the Family for those tag team titles.......then the Players......then the Airstrike, so the RAW Gm Brad Maddox made a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Elimination Match for the tag team titles.

Results: The Wyatts beat The Shield with a Truckstop (Chokeslam) in 10:46

Elimination Order

4th: International Airstrike (Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel)

3rd: Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil_

2nd: The Shield (Seth Rollins and Ryan Dragno)

1st: The Wyatts (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan)

IC Championship: Curtis Axel vs Roddy Piper

Backstory: Axel had become the 2nd coming of the legend killer, beating legends such as Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Road Dogg and yes, even Razor Ramon, Now Roddy is looking to stand up for his fellow legends and win over the title to him.

Results: Curtis Axel beats Roddy Piper with a Perfect Plex thanks to a distraction by Chris Hero in 12:23 (continuing his streak to 130-0)

U.S Championship: Big E Langston vs Ryback

Backstory: It all began when Ryberg, I mean Ryback started claiming that he was the best powerhouse in the company, Langston disagreed and said that he was the best and well, after a few sneak attacks later, here we are! simple as that!

Results: Ryback beats Langston by Shell Shock in 16:20 and becomes U.S Champion.

Elimination Chamber for WHC: Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, The Great Khali, Santino Marella and Antonio Cesaro

Alberto Del Rio IN IN LOW LOW WIN
Antonio Cesaro IN IN IN IN OUT
Kofi Kingston LOW IN OUT
The Great Khali IN OUT
Santino Marella OUT

Santino: Eliminated by R-Truth by Lie Dectetor

Khali: Eliminated by Del Rio by Kick to Skull

Kingston: Eliminated by R-Truth by Little Jimmy

R-Truth: Eliminated by Cesaro by Netrualizer

Cesaro: Eliminated by Del Rio by illegal rollup


Royal Rumble Spot on the Line; Wade Barrett vs CM Punk

Backstory: Wade Barrett won the Royal Rumble by eliminating Ryback, but however CM Punk said that Wade hadn't won in months before the royal rumble and that there was no way he could win the WWE Title. Wade got irrated by this and challenged him for his spot in the royal rumble.

Result: Wade Barrett defeats CM Punk in 20;12 when Stone Cold Steve Austin interfered

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber: John Cena, Christian, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger and Dave Batista

Daniel Bryan IN IN IN LOW WIN
Jack Swagger IN IN LOW IN OUT
Dave Batista LOW IN OUT
Christian IN OUT
Randy Orton OUT

Orton: Eliminated by John Cena with A-A

Christian: Eliminated by Batista with a Batista Bomb

Batista: Eliminated by Swagger by a Gutwrench Powerbomb

Cena: Eliminated by Swagger by Rollup

Jack Swagger: Eliminated by Bryan with a Lebelle Lock


WrestleMania 30Edit

KICKOFF: 30 Man Battle Royal (Cause why the hell not?!)

Backstory: It's tradition....sortof

Contestants: Alex Riley, Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder, Matt Morgan, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, The Great Khali, Funaki, William Regal, Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, Santino Marella, Spike Dudley, Brad Maddox, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Mike Knox, Finlay, JTG, Shad, Fandango, Xavier Woods, Sami Zayn, Kizarny, Goldust, Tensai, Brodus Clay, The Boogeyman, David Otunga and Road Dogg.


1 through 10.

All matches or if not just the whole PPV, anyone can review it

Review on Elimination ChamberEdit

Cool - Anthony likes trains and so will you. >:P 16:58, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

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