So you think you know this wiki well? We can certainly put THAT to the test! Welcome to the first Big E! Wiki's Reader's Challenge! As you may know, this wiki's birthday is nearing. On June 27 (12:01 PM EST specifically) The Big E! Wiki will be turning 2! Congrats! :D

Anyway, back to the point, we want to see how many avid readers we have. I will make a 10 question quiz, ALL answers of which have answers found in the hidden folds and crevices of this site. Here are the questions:

  1. What is the name of the game that is played on the swing in Evelyn's backyard? Answer: Roadkill (Source(s): Roadkill)
  2. What is the name of Evelyn's pet cat that passed away? 'A'nswer: Cricket (Source(s): CricketEvelyn, and others )
  3. What color is Bart Simpson's natural hair? Answer: Red (Source(s): Bart and Evelyn (Barvelyn))
  4. What browser is the common favorite (according to statistics) of the users of this wiki? Answer: Google Chrome (Source(s): BATTLE OF THE BROWSERS!)
  5. Which page on the wiki has the least amount of content? (Hint: This page does not directly say but it has 2 letters, making it easy to see.) Answer: Hi People (Source(s): Hi people)
  6. The "Typo of the Year" voted by the "National Typos Association" Is ____ = ____? Answer: dick = duck (Source(s): Epic Typos!)
  7. How many people celebrated Valentine's Day on the wiki? Answer: 4 (Source(s): Valentine's Day)
  8. What is the next line of the song? "I have been told I have ADHD ..." Answer: "Please don't give any homework to me" (Source(s): The Random Anthem (Awesomest song ever))
  9. What kind of cookies were being eaten the day Sam and Evelyn were playing with water balloons outside? Answer: Nutter Butters (Source(s): Fun with balloons!)
  10. How many people stated on the wiki that they support Barvelyn? Answer: 12 (Source(s): Will Barvelyn live on?)

Rules? Well, basically anyone with chat access can enter, because you have to submit your answers in a Private Message to Ilovebartmorethanyou16. Make sure all your answers are clear and specific. (e.g "Cucumbers" Is an acceptable answer. "Either cucumbers or carrots" is not.) if you TRULY do not know the answer, you can fill the answer in with a simple "???", even though there is no harm and taking a wild guess, which I recommend if you really don't know. Once sent, I will count out the number out of 10 correct, but will not tell you until 6/25/12 when the contest ends. There will be 3 winners. There MAY be "prizes", whether or what is undecided as of now. on 6/25/12, I will update the blog with the winners and answers to the questions. I will leave commenting enabled for discussion, but I will not be hesitant and will disable it immediately if there is any revealing of answers. Thanks to all participants, and good luck!

Somebody call the National Weather Service, 'cause we got a FASHION statement! 22:41, June 18, 2013 (UTC)

Update: Okay, I have to say, honestly, I was a little disappointed in the number of participants we had. We have 2 entrees. Not even enough for a 3rd place winner. Anyway, give a big round of applause to our participants and winners!

In first place we have... I Am A Superstar!! : )! Congratulations! You scored 10/10!

In second place we have... Cdk2001! Congratulations! You scored 8/10!

In third place we have... .... no winner.


Somebody call the National Weather Service, 'cause we got a FASHION statement! 15:06, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

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