Hey, sometimes the smartest people we know do things that are incredibly stupid. In fact, if you don't make a literal "epic fail" on a regular basis, i'm not sure you're human. Nobody's perfect, so why don't we log these deficiencies so we can look back on it one day and say, "Hey, I learned a lesson that day!". So yea. here goes nothing!

  1. Tripping a moving vehicle with my foot
  2. Giving the wall a high-five
  3. Commiting suicide by jumping off a curb (I was young...)
  4. Telling a certain someone i love them
  5. Taking 3 lunch trays to the table at once (Hey, I like to throw away peoples' trash :P)
  6. PRETENDING THAT I DIDN'T KNOW THAT BODY OF WATER ITALY DESCENDED INTO. I am never gonna forgive myself for this one... Mediterranean Sea, by the way. 
  7. Lending my school computer to a One Direction fanatic.
  8. Wishing to see a tornado. (I have yet to see the aftereffects on this one.)
  9. Stealing others' food
  10. Overeating. (not a problem anymore, I'm used to it.)
  11. Forgetting to look which direction I was spraying the air freshener. (I didn't know the nozzle was turned inward!)
  12. Refusing to sign up for the geography bee... Oh well. Who knows. That refusal could have saved my life.
  13. Falling backwards and letting ANYONE catch me. 
  14. Being mean to people when they are rude to me. Trust me. showing them implicit signs of kindness is MUCH more effective.
  15. Eating cheetos from a bag some dude threw on our table at lunch. (It was after i took my first bite my friends told me some guy gave it to them. >:( )
  16. Taking the long cut to class in Elementary school... I got in so much trouble XD
  17. Running into a wall at fast-walk speed to see what it feels like
  18. Telling a pseudo-friend about someone I liked in elementary school... This might be why I don't trust anyone anymore.
  19. Continually disrupting class in preschool. I got sent home early for it once! I always ran away from the teachers. LOL
  20. Puttign a grape in the microwave for 20 minutes
  21. Thinking out loud. It's a little problem I have
  22. Attempting to pick up my heaviest friend
  23. Drinking a shot-glass of beer. I immediately regretted it
  24. Riding my dog. (Not in a sexual way! You dirty-minded freak!)
  25. Eaten paper just to see what it would taste like
  26. I was given to opportunity to hold a fish and I turned it down. >:(
  27. Combining my caramel sundae and my filet o fish from mcdonalds
  28. Playing "bumper kids" with my friends. On the concrete. 
  29. throwing my cat in the pool
  30. Forgettign to use the bathroom before an hour 30 min long field trip ride
  31. Putting off a school project to the VERY LAST NIGHT before it was due. (I actually managed to do it and got a B on the project! :D)
  32. Taking this dare to... ahhh nevermind. 
  33. Putting CERTAIN THINGS online
  34. Always Avoiding Alliterations
  35. Smelling the new markers in math lab a lot
  36. drew a picture of a guy farting and passed it around in art class. (Hey, i was young and my friends thought it was funny!)
  37. Making a mask from a paper bag without cutting it. 
  38. supported Sam's idea to stand in the field with a metal pole during a thunderstorm
  39. Agreed to ride Splash Mountain at disney
  40. Noticed my pudding expired and ate it anyway
  41. Was a jerk to some people for no good reason/when they didn't deserve it. (Some of those people know who they are... :( )
  42. Ate a bag of cookies i found that turned out to be my grandma's for her birthday. XD
  43. Solving a rubiks cube. (After that day i vowed never to try that again. XD)
  44. Buying a school tuna sub. O_o
  45. Be normal for a day. I don't know what even led me to THINK I could pull that off.
  46. Decided to have a partner for many projects. (I work better alone, because i have no one to tell me that my ideas suck, or that I'm wrong!)
  47. Deciding to grow a mustache.
  48. Doing extra credit for math. This is now a thing of the past :P
  49. Has said MANY TMI's in my time
  50. Made an embarrassing list of stupid things I've done for the whole worlds to see. XD

Phew! That was actually pretty hard! Well, know that you know the things I screw up on, why don't you make a list of your own? Everyone who reads this: please post 5 stupid things they have or have considered doing, in the comments! Thanks for reading! :D

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