Nexus 490's AcronymsEdit

FBNRL = Funny But Not Really Laughing

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

EULG = Reverse of Glue

G2G or GTG = Got To Go

TTYL = Talk To You Later


A+ = Awesome!

-_- = Unamused

^_^ = Blush/Smile

O_o? = Confused

T_T = Sad

^O^ = Shout

\(^_^) = Present/Salute

N = Almost Sad

O.O = Quiet

Evelyn's acronyms Edit

I made these up! SOME I will list without the meanings and let you put it together.

ISLSHRN = I'm sarcastically laughing so hard right now

YSLC or USLC = You smell like Craigslist (Oh, I just love Kurt Hummel.)

CCIS = Multiple meanings, some of which will remain unlisted for personal reasons. 

MDBR = Mentally disturbed beyond repair

BRBGWG =  Be right back, gonna watch Glee

BING = But it's not Google

PENIS = People everywhere need it shorter ( XD )

BALL = Be a little lover ( )

ONYD = Oh no you didn't

IMP = I must protest

IMPO = In my professional opinion

ISIDMTCYABMcB  = I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call you a buttfface mcballnuts

BIOYA = Blow it out your ass 

RBWG = Rather be watching Glee

LSHIDMTAMSFO = Laughing so hard I dropped my taco and my sombrero fell off

EIMMAL = Ehh, I'll make more acronyms later (Seriously. Enjoy!)

SON OF A...Pixel! 's AcronymsEdit

IHHNIHTWGIMHF - I honestly have no idea how that web page got in my history folder!

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