This is a story made by Stefanie about me and Evelyn's best day of school ever!

Part 1Edit

One day, Evelyn said that she was going to be in the area where I (Superstar) live! I said, "That's great but I have school today!" :( "Oh, hey! I have an idea...I can go to school with you!" she said. "Yeah! That sounds great!" I said.

The next day, me and Evelyn walked into my school. As we were walking in the hall, I saw Ian, and I showed her where he was. "Oh! It's Ian!" Evelyn yelled. "Shh! Not so loud!" I said. We stood there and hid behind a wall, then walked out casually. We saw Ian staring at me. "See! There he goes...looking at me again! Told you he likes me!" I said. "I think he does, too." Evelyn said. Then Ian walked into the classroom, and me and Evelyn continued down the hall.

"Is it just me, or does that boy look like Bart!" Evelyn said. I looked over, and there he was! This boy...he looked just like Bart. Orange shirt, blue pants...spikey hair and yellowish skin, very cartoonish. "I think that is him! Want to go say hi?" I asked her. " I will say hi to Bart if YOU say hi to Ian!" Evelyn smiled. "OK, OK I will!" I said.

Evelyn stood outside room F 10's door, and watched as I knocked on it. Ian came out. "Hey, how are you?" he smiled at me. "I am good." I smiled. Out of nowhere, Ian grabbed me and kissed my face. Evelyn was so shocked, she started clapping! Yay! I looked up at him when it was all over. "Why did you do that?" I asked. "Because the truth is...I love you and I want you to marry, me!" he said. "OK! For sure!" I smiled. I was so happy to be engaged to him. "I have to go back to class now...but can we meet after school?" Ian asked. "Yes, we can!" I said.

"OK, I am SO happy I said hi to him!" I smiled as he went back into the room. "Now it's your turn!" I said. Evelyn walked over to the boy. Before she could say anything, he turned around. "Hi! I am new here! Can you tell me who is in F 10?" he asked. He was looking at Evelyn. "Umm, Ian is!" she said. "Ian? That's cool!'re really cute. I want to know you!" he said as he smiled at Ev. The Big E had an even bigger smile. "OK! Sure! How about we go on a date after school?" she asked. "Yeah Evelyn! Sure!" he said.

~~End of Part 1!~~

Part 2Edit

That day after school, me, Ian, Evelyn and Bart went on a double date. We went to McDonald's because it is right near the school we go to. We were having a lovely time. Ian kissed me, and just as Bart leaned in to kiss Ev, someone who walked in caught her eye. He has this hoodie up over his face. She couldn;t see him very well, so she stood up and walked over to him. Bart, still having his eyes closed, leaned forward onto the table and hit his head because she walked away. "Ooh, tough luck buddy." Ian said as he laughed at Bart. "Ouchie!" he said as his head hit the table. he looked over and saw Evelyn laughing and talking to this mysterious man.

"So, Kenny, where are you from?" she said. "Sohh ark." he mumbled. "What?" Evelyn said. She got down to his level and opened up his hoodie. Out popped this amazing blonde man with cute black eyes stared into Evelyn's. "I said I am from South Park." he smiled. Evelyn couldn't believe it...he was just so mysterious, not to mention funny. Could she be falling out of love with bart? Or even getting over him?

Stefanie and Ian were watching this whole thing play out. Bart was gettin so furious, he walked right over and put a fist up. "Eat my shorts!" he said. He threw a punch at Kenneth, but hecaught it. "I don't think so." he said. He started to choke bart, and Evelyn said, "No guys stop!"" then an employee said "Guys take this ourside!!" Kenny and Bart were the 1st ones out teh door. Ev, Ian and Stefanie were soon to follow.


Part 3Edit

The 3 of them stood in shock as Kenneth and Bart held thier fists up. "She si MINE!" Kenny said. "Excuse me who has been dating her since this morning??" Bart said. "bar,t look i still like you but Kenny makesme laugh more!" Evelyn said. "WHAT TH HECK!! what do i have to do get some attention from you anymore!!" Bart said. "Sorry." "FINE!" Bart yelled....he got so mad he spilled his drink all over kenny's parka/

" is hot out i got drink all over my parka now!" kenny said. Take it off. Ev was thinking. "I have no need for this at the moment..."Kenneth said. he took his parka off right in frint of all them. Evelyn was soo happy. Kenny ran over and gave her a big hug. Ian decided to do the same...he took his shirt off and gave Stefanie a big hug. She was soo happy to feel his body, and so was Evelyn, about kennys bare chest. "You are soo hot and sexy." Evelyn said to kenny. "I think you're the sexiest woman here." kenneth said. "I think Stefanie is the hottest chick i ever saw!" Ian said. "Aww Ian i love the way you treat me so well, you will always protect me and you know me soo well." Stefanie smiled. Both of the girls got a kiss from thier men.

What they didn't know whas that bRt *Bart saw the whole thing and boy was he jealous. he had a secret plan that none od them knew about...

Part 4Edit

The four of them decided to go to the park afterwards and take a nice romantic stroll. The girls sat on a park bench with thier men and stared into thier eyes. They could not believe how lucky they were to be happy and engaged to these sweet guys. They rested thier head on the guys shoulder, and they wrapped thier arms around the girls to keep them safe and warm.

Out of no where, Bart came up behind Evelyn and Kenneth, and he stabbed him. "Oh my God, he killed Kenny that b@$t@rd!" Ian yelled. Ian ran over and started to choke Bart. "Why you little!" he said. "NNOO!!" Evelyn screamed. The love of her life has just been severely hurt. He looked into Ev's eye's and said, "Evelyn I love you soo much...and I have a surprise for you. More of a confession...a gift. I am immortal. I can keep you safe for as long as you live. I will love you forever, no matter what happens." Kenny said. Evelyn was so happy she started crying. he took the sword out of his body and threw it on the ground. They kissed.

Bart was still trying to get out of the grip of Ian's sexy hands. "Achkklffth." Bar chocked. "DON'T EVER do that to my friends AGAIN!!!!" Ian yelled. He relesed Bart and he fell to the ground and gasped for air. "You PENII HEAD!" Bart yelled. He regained his strength and kicked Ian in his nuts. Stefanie was so angry, that SHE took a turn to chocke Bart next. "YOU LITTLE---!" She said, she was soo angry. Then Evelyn took a turn, the finally Kenny. They alll got a chance to choke Bart for his stupidity.

"If I can't have Evelyn, NO ONE CAN!" Bart yelled. He took out a ray gun and zapped Evelyn and transported them to Kenny, Stefanie and Ian have to find out where he took her and why. :O

Part 5Edit

"Now where the heck would he take her?" Stefanie wondered. "Help!" Evelyn yelled. They all looked across the street. "There they are!" Ian yelled. "Hang on my love!" Kenny yelled. "Dang it! This stupid thing didn't work right! This isn't my house!" Bart said. The 3 of them all ran accross the street. "DANG IT!" he said, trying to control the transporter gun. He wasn't paying atention to what he was doing...and Bart made them go to somewhere very dangerous. Before they transported there...Ian saw where they were headed to next. "Oh no! They are going to the volcano!" he exclaimed. "I will save you my love!" Kenny yelped.

There was only ONE volcano around there: The Melty Point. They all walked there...and when the got to the top of the volcano...Bart and Evelyn were at the top. "I didn't mean for it to take us here! I'm sorry." Bart frowned. "It's OK...I know you didn't mean it, and I KNOW I am awesome but we just can't work out anymore...sorry." Evelyn said. "But I HATE Kenny and any guy who would take you away! I can't HELP ITT!!!! Bart yelled.

Just then, Stefanie, Ian and Kenny all got to the top of the volcano where they are. "What the heck is WRONG with you Bart! Get a grip!" Stefanie said. "You need some help if you're going to kidnap someone." Ian said. "Evelyn! Evelyn my love! I am so glad to be here with you again!!" Kenny said. Finally the couple was reunited. Kenny ran up to Ev and they kissed. "NO!" Bart yelled with anger. Ian tried to grab him to get him away from them, before it was too late. But, Bart ran up to Kenny, and out of no where, someone sneaked up behind Bart and banged him on the back of the head with a frying pan. "OUCH!" Bart said. He was so angry, that he started to run towards the prson who hit him. he slipped and lost his balance, and he slipped into the lava.

"It was about time he learned his lesson." the person said. "I'll say!" Kenny said. It was Brianna! She saved the day! "I didn't want him to die, but it was by his own hand...he was the one who ran." Brianna smiled. "Thank you!!!!!!!" Ev said as she hugged her friend. The 5 friends decided to go to the movies, and they all had a great day! YAY Evelyn, Kenny, Brianna, Stefanie and Ian!!!! :D

RIP Bartholomew JoJo Simpson, :|

I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 18:35, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

Credits and Thank You's Edit

This story was written by I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 18:35, September 21, 2012 (UTC) , or Stefanie! It is dedicated to everyone in the story. Evelyn, this is mosty for you because it is your wiki! I started it when you loved Bart, but then you fell in love with Kenny and I made Bart bad, lol. Well I hope you like the story, hope it's not too sad or crazy! I hope it makes everyone laugh! I like how I added Brianna at the end and she saved us all! Also thank you to my great friend Ian, he lights up my day, my smile and my life. Evelyn has been a good friend of mine for awhile, and I just randomly thought of all this shat, lol I have a random mind for a high school girl. I hope everyone who reads this story likes it! Enjoy! Thank you!!! :D

I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 18:35, September 21, 2012 (UTC)