The Random Anthem (Awesomest song ever) is a song i made for music class. we are doig  an assignment in which we have to make a song to the tune of a short classic song, like mary had a little lamb, bingo, etc. well this one is to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star.  i will preform it for my music class soon! YAY! lolz. well, here it is.


I like big, fuzzy, mustaches

For Christmas i got a light that flahes

I know mustaches and flashes don't exactly rhyme

I wish green symbolized watermelon instead of lime

This is the random anthem

i can't think of any real words that rhyme with anthem

i have been told i had ADHD

Please don't give any homework to me

I really enjoy sushi

Yoshi with an extra O does spell yooshi

This is the random anthem

When i am sick i hack up phlegm!