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Chapter 4Edit

[Later, Ant's limo drives up to Carrie's house. SpongeBob rings the door bell and Mr. Beff opens the door]

  • Mr. Beff: Hello? [Anthony lowers himself by some sort of crank] What do you think Carrie? Cleans up pretty well, doesn't he?
  • Carrie: [wearing a reddress] Well, at last no one will recognize you. Now listen, Anthony, I just want to get through this with my social status intact. [Anthony writes down a list of what Pearl wants to do on a notepad] I want to go to the prom, get my picture taken, and I want to dance... [Anthony has a big list now] ...I want to drink punch with my friends and don't do that other thing you're always doing...
  • Anthony: Uhh, Carrie, we've got to get back to the limo.
  • Carrie: [claps] A limo! Why didn't you say so? [Carrie grabs Anthony and drags him out of the house] I love limousines!
  • Mr. Beff: Go easy on him, lassie! I can't afford to break in a new star! [laughs and closes the door. Now at the prom where the limo is driving up but the back wheels are flat so its screeching on the road]
  • Anthony: [checks his list] Well, I guess the first thing we should do is... [flash goes off where the pictures are being held]
  • Pearl: Yay! My first prom picture!
  • Anthony: Uh-uh-uh... [our] first prom picture. [Carrie sprays him with something that deflates his arm]
  • Carrie: Let's get this over with. [Anthony is having trouble getting over to the photo-shoot] Come on, SpongeBob!
  • Anthony: Be right there.
  • Carrie: Will you hurry up?
  • Anthony: Just a second. [Anthony messes up his footing and jumps everywhere and apologizes to everyone but eventually gets to the photo-shoot. He holds onto the curtain to keep his balance] Cheese![curtain collapses on them and the photo is taken] Well...I guess THAT'LL be a keeper.
  • Friend: Hey look, it's Carrie! Hi Cair!
  • Carrie: Anthony, here come my friends. Uhh, go get me some punch!
  • Anthony: Prom expert; away! [jumps away as Carrie's friends walk up to her]
  • Kim: Hi, Pearl!
  • Carrie: Hi girls.
  • Kim: I'd like you to meet Kin!
  • Kin: Hi.
  • Konnie: And you know Kon from math class.
  • Kon: Hi.
  • Carrie: Hi Kon
  • Kim: So, like, where's your date Cair? We're all dying to meet him.
  • Carrie: He's over at the punch bowl getting me some punch. [friend looks for Anthony]
  • Kim: Ohh, is he the really tall one?
  • Carrie: Oh yes! [notices what Anthony is doing] I mean...oh no. [Anthony is trying to reach for the spoon to get some punch but can't reach because he is too tall, the spoon is alive. He misplaces his footing and gets the punch all over him. Carrie pushes her friends away] Oh, quick, let's go see how ugly Trina's dress is! [Anthony hands two glasses of punch to some people] SpongeBob, what the hell are you doing?[Anthony has red skin now from the punch. He squeezes some juice from his nose and into the glass]
  • Anthony: Hi Carrie! Come on, it won't bite!
  • Carrie: You look like a complete me-. [gasps]
  • Anthony: What is it? [Carrie pushes him under the table]
  • Carrie: Stay down, he'll see us!
  • Anthony: Who?
  • Carrie: It's my ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Mallory a.k.a. long, tan and handsome.
  • Nick Mallory: Nick Mallory thinks that frogs are cool.
  • SpongeBob: Woah. But, I bet he isn't holder of the Regional Romance Dance Championship trophy! [holds it up but another guy takes it away because it's his]
  • Rookie: Give me that back.

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