Welp, I've found me a new favorite movie!....Can you guess what THAT is?........If you guessed The Brave Little Toaster, then you are right! This movie is AWESOME!, There are 5 objects, One's a toaster, one's a blanket, one's a vaccum, one's a radio and one's a lamp (the subject of all this) and they've been abandoned by their "Master" and so they go on an daring adventure to find their "Master", they went through Lampy sacrificing his life for battery, drowning, a junkshop, facing the cutting edge, going to a junkyard and almost DYING from it! And you know what?, They found their master! God bless them!

But there's one peculiar thing about Lampy I know about....In the German, Portuguese and Polish dubbings of that movie, she is a girl! So, I decided to draw all 4 of them in one picture!

Granted, it's not perfect. But hey, is ANYTHING?....That's what I thought.......Ok, here goes..........

The 4 Lampys of the Brave Little Toaster


I must say, I think I did the best with Lampa. (I must admit, I did use a new drawing style.....Granted, I'm still learning.

So, It's time for me ask that question......WHICH ONE IS THE BEST?

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