'WARNING: 'This page contains sad stuff. If you had a very good and you're very happy then don't read it! If you read it and get sad it's your own fault. So, don't blame me

Teddy (September 20, 2004 - April 9,2013) was my dad's dog.

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Teddy's Last Picture.
Vital statistics
Age 8
Gender Male
Nationality American
Height idk
Town of birth Woodbridge Township, NJ
Current location Heaven
Occupation Playing, Eating
Parents Dad, Aunt Ruth
Siblings Ginger, Ingo(?), Jacob, Toby
Love interests idk
Pessimist or optimist? Optimist

About TeddyEdit

Teddy loved to play and eat. He was adopted 8 days before my birthday. In October 2011, My Dad found out he had cancer. He loved to go for his walks. He always plays with my Dad. He was a bit chubby. The last time I saw him was April 6th, 2013. On April 9th, Teddy was put to sleep because he grew a tumor in his left eye, he was going blind, and he couldn't breath at night. I found out on April 12th that Teddy was gone.

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