All i wanted was to tell a story without getting interrupted AGAIN and no one took a poo

Here it was if any of actually cared about the story i came up with 3 years ago

One night one decade ago, there was a man by the name of Henry. Yeah he used to be a lumberjack until an accident cut his hand off, he couldn't afford a prosthetic, he used a hook instead so they called him Huge Hook Hand Henry. Henry was very possessive of his property in the middle of the woods where he lived with his wife and kids. One night, an innocent hiker got lost and stumbled upon Henry's property. Henry captured him, tied him to his soundproof garage and started stabbin with his hook. He was about to let him go until he realized he'd be turned in. So he sliced the hiker's throat open laughing as he bled to death. Over the next few years he killed 23 people and buried 8 in the backyard, 8 under his house, and 7 in his front yard. One day his wife started getting suspicious after hearing of the disappearances. That night he got a baseball bat and knocked her out. He got his sander and ground her down into mulch. His children saw him and suffered the same fate.

Henry went into hiding and one day a demolition crew found his house and after deeming the house demolition worthy they demolished it. They didn't know that Henry was hiding inside. He got  crushed to death by the rubble. It's said his spirit still lingers in the woods and if you near where his property used to be, you may encounter him. There are seven signs Huge Hook Hand Henry is coming
1. A rush of cold air
2. Tightening in the chest
3. The sound of heavy breathing
4. The sense you're being followed
5. The feeling of liquid dropping on you
6. The shadow of a heavy bulky man
7. And feeling really hot
If you encounter Huge Hook hand Henry's ghost, he will stab you with his hook and drag your soul to hell

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