There are many ridiculous things a modern person likes to argue about.  Who touched him first,who gets heads and who gets tails, why Evelyn SHOULDN'T have the last Fanta... But some of the most common internet wars are started because of a simple thing. Shipping. Here, TELL US WHAT YOU SHIP! It could be real life ships, ships from ANY TV SHOW, Ships between you or other characters, Hell, ship your pets! Whatever you like! Enjoy!

Evelyn's shipsEdit

Klaine - The romantic relationship between Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson on Glee.

Jackvester - The mother-daughter like relationship between Becky Jackson and Sue Sylvester on Glee. (So cute! :3)

Suester - The frenemy relationship between Sue Sylvester and Will Schuester on Glee (LOOOOOOOOOL!!!)

Totcedes - The sexual romantic relationship between the Tots and Mercedes Jones on Glee

Lord Scientolington - The relationship between Lord Tubbington and scientology of which's intimacy level remains unknown.

Radarlyn - For people who support my interest in meteorology

Martinie - Stefanie and Martin Tower all the way!

McEvelyn - For people who support me and my guilty pleasure, McDonalds.

Chris and Brian. *melts of cuteness*

Lord Tubbingtapsule - Lord Tubbington and my cat, Tapsule.

Brapsule - Brian, Chris Colfer's swaggy cat, and Tapsule! 

Kurtelyn - If I were even on Glee... Just sayin... X3

Colferton - Me and Chris Colfer. Ha! It could happen. Somehow. ;_; 

ChangChang - ASIAN FUSION!

Salmonlyn - Me and my favorite kind of fish. Not to be confused with Samelyn, Which is me and my brother. Eww.

Klusterfuck - Kurt, Blaine, Will, Finn, and Puck. DAT NAME! (It's pronounced "Kloosterfuck".)

Blizza - Blaine + Pizza! Blainepizza.gif

Blatina - It's a cute one sided crush.

Doofbella or  Garcia-Shapirenshmirtz - Isabella Garcia-Shapiro and Heinz Doofenshmirtz (Try saying THAT three times fast!)

Googlelyn - Me and Google :D

Gleevelyn - My unhealthy obsession with Glee that no one supports. XD

Kum - Kurt and Sam (Sam like the Glee character, not my bro) ... What? What's wrong with Kum?

Mariolyn Kartington - Me and Mario Kart LOOL

Rosaluigi - Crack Mario Bros. ship. 

Fluffylyn - Me and my plastic snake 

Evelpie - Me and pie. Ha!

Evanie - The friendship of me and Stefanie. :3

Stefendy's - Stefanie and any kind of food for the win XD

Frandewreecolm - All of the original brothers in MITM, sometimes referred to as simply Dewreecolm because of Francis' separation. Seriously, they all complete each other! 

Halis - Hal and Lois! Malcolm in the Middle again


Evelcolm in the Middlelyn - Me and Malcolm in the Middle, the show in general.

EvEv - Evelyn and Evelyn XD

Woloppali - Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory (friendship and occasional gay moments :D XD)

Koothrapenny (or Paj but Iike mine best) - Penny and Raj. Raj is just so cute and the way Penny treats him is adorable! (TBBT)

Sheldon express - Sheldon & trains (TBBT)

Shelnard - Friendship of Sheldon and Leonard. (TBBT)

Lonely Sheldon - Sheldon and no one. I just think he's a better character single, even though Shamy is cute. (TBBT)

Cooperton - Because it feels wrong to not include a self ship. XD 

RariDash (or Rainbow Rarity) - Crack ship in MLP. This just struck me one day. It's so cute because you can't imagine someone as haughty and rough and sporty and messy as Dash falling in love with someone as reserved, mannerful, and elegant as Rarity. It would basically destroy her reputation as a badass that she always wants to keep in shape, and I think this would be a good storyline. I actually made up lines to the song "Clarity" by Zedd and adapted it to a RariDash theme. It's called "Rarity". XD

Sparity - I support Spike's one-sided crush on Rarity, haha. MLP again.

Appledash - supported as friends! (MLP)

Flutterdash - As polar opposites, I feel they push each other past their limits. Cute. MLP!

Pinkie Sparkle - I'd just like to see this happen more. XD (MLP)

Lunestia - I support their sisterhood! (MLP)

Derpcord - I'd also like to see Discord f**k  Derpy Hooves.

Ah, right, forgot to ship me and the shows in general.

The Big Evelyn Theory - TBBT and I

My little EvEv - Me and MLP!

Padlock - The notepad from the first Don't Hug Me I'm Scared video and Tony the Clock from the 2nd. Yea, I'm shipping psychopathic, anthropomorphic objects. What of it?

Roctor/Dose - Not sure what the official name is. Here's my OTP in Doctor Who! Rose and the Doctor! I felt it from the first episode I watched... and my friends who (and not doctor lol) pushed me into it ship it also so i kinda had to

My train of thought was just corrupted. More later!

Stefanie's shipsEdit

Some Ev already added but I can add some!

Kurtvelyn - That is how i would say it :P

Stefentown - Stefanie and Allentown! :D LOOL

Cheeseanie - Stefanie and cheesesteak...what can i say i love cheesesteaks?

Jacy- I know I am not in school anymore but I liked Jon & Macy together :D

Ejami - Sami and EJ on DOOL! :DDDDDD

Martinie - I know Ev already said this one but I love me and my beloved building. :)

Bethlehanie - me and Bethlehem, the city i was born in hahaha!

Stefendy's - me and Wendy's! my fave fast food place c:

Stefaworks - Stefanie and fireworks! Fireworks are so pretty and cute! 

Lazaro's shippingsEdit

  • Buster x Babs
  • Penelope x Pepe
  • Fifi x Furrball
  • Bugs x Lola
  • Harry x Ginny
  • Ron x Hermione
  • Rarity x Spike
  • Squidward x Pickle
  • Penny x Leonard
  • Robin x Batgirl
  • Batman x Catwoman
  • Sly Cooper x Inspector Carmelita Fox
  • Cream x Tails
  • Timmy x Trixie

Anthony's ShipsEdit

Burger Anthony - Anthony and Burger King

Martinie Tower (Or Stefin Tower) - Martin Tower and Stefanie (I know Ev already added this but I think they make a good relation ship.)

Anthinecraft (Or Minthonycraft) - Anthony and Minecraft

Anthbert (Or Robony) - Anthony and Robert (A friend from school from lunch and my extended day class)

Anthoby - Anthony and Toby (One of my dad's puppies)

Jacthoby (or Antob) - Anthony and Jacob (One of my dad's puppies)

More coming soon.

Curtez's ShipsEdit



Evelanie (friendship)


Amieanine (friendship)


Curtez x Stefanie (best friendship)

Evelyn x Curtez (friendship)


Finn x Princess Bubblegum

Finn x Marceline

Finn x Flame Princess

Phinerb (brotherly pairing)