1. You can make a page about, well, basically anything! But any pages that break the rules here, especially if they are negative towards any users, they will be deleted.
  2. If you would like to have rollback rights, be a chatmod, or be an admin, you can make a request in rollback requests, chatmod requests, or admin requests. The requirements are stated on the page. Or, if you would like to view the wiki's accomplishment checklist, view the community messages on the side of the wiki activity, of course, you will not obtain the right until you accept them, and if you meet the criteria to have the right, i will leave you a message on your message wall.
  3. This wiki is made to be about me, what I like, people I know, and anything on my life! Unless you are making a spelling/grammatical correction, please do not edit pages about me, unless you are editing the "fan questions" or "what others think of my personality" section, therefore you are not me, and have nothing to add. you can make a page about yourself, and apply the same rule.
  4. You can come in the chat and talk to us! Chat can be about anything! profanity is allowed, but limited (see rule #8). Also you may use substitute words such as "flip/freak" or "darn/dang". Sexual statements also count as profanity, though, if used in proper, minor, and mature way, it can be acceptable. Also you can spam, but please not when people are trying to hold a serious conversation. To discuss the chat rules with me, please go to this page's comments, my message wall, or the chat itself. any breaking of the rules will result in a kickban. To see the full chat rules, please read it here.
  5. You can add photos of anything, but no sexual, graphic (gross or disgusting), or violent content, that or anything deemed inappropriate will be deleted and the uploader warned.
  6. You are not allowed to harass, insult, make hate speech on, or do anything considered rude to/by any other user. it will be deleted/reverted, and the troublemaker will be warned, and blocked if continued.
  7. (This applies especially to people who know me in person), please, don't reveal your personal info! If you know me, and say where you live, people will know where live and I don't want that. Anything with personal info will be removed and warned, however, if you do NOT know me in person, you can choose what to reveal. To see what should and shouldn't be revealed, please read the Personal Info Do's and Dont's page.
  8. MINOR profanity IS allowed, if used minor, and in a mature, proper, and inexessively. for example, The only acceptable swear words are "crap", "ass", "hell","bitch", and "damn". If used at an insult to another user, that is not ok. you can use them, but please be wary, whereas words like the F word or the S word are still punishable regardless of their use. Anyone who uses potentially suggestive language on this wiki risks the taboo words to be censored/replaced with a random or ridiculous words to make you look childish and stupid. 
  9. Please do not make unauthorized categories. The making of any new categories require the consent of an admin, and you have to agree to have a decent amount of pages and add content to the category, so it's not just a stray group. Once you have made a category, it is your responsibility to maintain it. Also, a tip for page makers, please get into the habit of automatically marking your pages under the "Awesome" Category. Notice even the pages exclusively featuring things I hate are still categorized as awesome. "Awesome" is like  "Pages" category, to show that every page here is awesome, haha. In simpler terms, I do what I can here to keep the wiki organized, so I'd like you to do your part as well.
  10. Do not find loopholes for any of these rules. you will still get a punishment for it.

If you would like to discuss the addition of a rule, exception, or deletion of a rule, please go to the page comments, my message wall, or the chat (preferably my message wall). Thank you for reading and understanding these rules! :) Iloveferbmorethenyou16 22:21, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

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