Roadkill is a game Sam likes to play with me on the swing in our backyard.(And Sam sometimes plays it with Brianna when I am not avalible)

How to playEdit

Sam pretends to be an animal, and I am an angry driver. he chooses the difficulty level, easy, medium, or hard. In easy, if he gets hit and knoked down, he looses a life. in medium, if he gets hit and knoked down, OR if he stands outside of the boundaries, he looses a life, in hard, if I touch him, or if he steps out of boudaries, he looses a life. I ride on the swing, while he stays and dances around in front of me.

Cool factsEdit

  • Sometimes, we play water park addition, which inculdes the hose.

very short galleryEdit

Sssssssssssss 001

Me on the swing I use when playing with sam