hi, you were probably liked here form the Rules page! here afre some guidlines about revealing your personal info. REMEMBER: all do's are optoional, you dont have to do them, but if you know me personally, you must obey the dont's, as it is a rule. and theese all also apply to the chat rules, which can be found here.


  • tell your age
  • tell your FIRST and middle name
  • tell what country or state or county you live in
  • share wikis with eachother
  • post your picture
  • post your email, as long has it has nothing personal info it it (Ex, full name)
  • tell your gender


  • tell your last name
  • tell what city oyu live in, and especially adress (unless you know they personally)
  • give any account passwords away, they could hack your account and find out personal things
  • give away your email adress IF it has personal info in it
  • tell what school you go to (people can easily find oput where you live if you do)
  • agree to meet someone in person, there in a few exeptions, though.
    • if you ask both your and their parents
    • if you know them in person
  • give out your phone number to someone you dont know in person (they could also find out where you live knowing the area code, the first 3 numbers)

thats pretty much all! also, please do not reveal someone else's info, they might not like it. if you see anyone breaking theese rules, please tell an admin! thanks for respecting this, Ilovebartmorethanyou16 16:51, August 5, 2012 (UTC)