i love palindromes! in case u didnt know, a palindrome is a word or sentance that can be read the same backwards.  lol i bored right now so i decided to make some geeky page. i ahve a good history with palindromes. i was called the palindrome queen in 5th grade! we were learnign palindrome, and the tacher just HAD to  ask what palindromes we knew. everyone else made puny words like racecar. what abour palindromic sentances???  thats when it was time to wow the crowd :P so here or some palindromes. add some of ur own! but please no overwhelmingly long ones liek the longets on in the world. i already looked that up lol. 

evelyn's palindromesEdit

a nut for a jar of tuna

too hot to hoot

i prefer pi

as i pee sir, i see pisa

dog! no poop on god!

rats live on no evil star


dumb mobs bomb mud

A dog! a panic in a pagoda! 

a fool, a tool, a pool, LOOPALOOTALOOFA!

I saw desserts; I'd no lemons; alas, no melon. Distressed was I.

A man, a plan, A CANAL, Panama! (THEY SAID THE MAGIC WORD *EXPLODES* new favorite palindrome)

Stefanie's paindromes palindromesEdit





taco cat