info fileEdit

Photo on 7-28-12 at 10.39 PM
Paige in her natural state of paigeing.
Vital statistics
Age 7 as of now
Gender Female
Nationality American.
Height I dunno, but far shorter than me because she's younger. :P
Town of birth Not sure.
Current location Maryland, but closer to Baltimore then the rest of us.
Occupation Elementary schooler
Parents Jen and james
Siblings Connor
Love interests hopefully none yet :P
Pessimist or optimist? I dunno.

gender: female

age: 7

nationallity: american

lives in: *classifiyed*

parents: jen (mom) james (step dad)

siblings: *classifiyed*

grandparents: marsha (grandma) larry (grandpa)

boyfriends: mickel (broke up)

cousins: Evelyn, Sam, lilly, tina (not my mom), cait, alec, bella, miranda, morgan, maggie, nicholas. (wow that is a lot) 

Paige and Evelyn at our beach house.

personal lifeEdit

her friend has lied, made her feel left out. she want to be a dolphin trainer in sea world whe n she grows up.

what she looks likeEdit

she looks lijke this:

people she knowsEdit

morgan: morgan is a friend of paige's but not her cousin. she is really nice and she is paige's number 1 best frind becaus she never messes with her, only when she telling jokes. 
Vocaroo s0rGHtaVFak7

cool factsEdit

  • she does not have an arches in her feet
  • she is a self admitted nerdy girl without glasses
    Vocaroo s14NG7UjnvzE
  • she has a mustache that looks like this: :}D JK i made that up
  • she is a blanklet hogger
  • um (she said that)
  • she hums a lot