A poem written by yours truly, Stefanie. I just thought of it in class right now. :( I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 17:49, December 5, 2012 (UTC)


on the verge of crying

when we used to talk

i felt like i was flying

now all he does is walk away

i wish i could tell him i want him to stay

he has no idea when i am next to him

all i can think about is kissing him

he has no idea that when i am at home

all i do is sit there missing him


do you see the vainess in their eyes

can you tell that they're just full of lies

they don't see you the way i do

sometimes i feel like you think, "Stefanie...who?"

can't help but be jealous

can't help but (thinking of good lyrics :P )

they don't teasure the time with you like i do

sometimes i want to grab you and say, "I LIKE YOU!"

i know they see you as just another guy

if i said i did too

that would be a lie

i stayed up until 12 last night

and wrote you a letter

if i would give it to you...

would i feel better?

it takes up two whole pages

i feel like we haven't been the same in ages

there's one paragraph i write everything i know about you...

if the kids in class saw it...what would they do?

i didn't even know i knew so much about ya

(IDK I know what i wanna say but it does not ryhme XD)



Your eyes tell more then what you'd say

I am tired of waiting for the day

why can't i think of more words

i wish i was...ohh a rheyme came to me!

never thought i'd ever be jealous of her

I'd known her for years

but somehow you've come in between that

now look at MY TEARS!!!

I smile and act like i am ok

i act like it does not bother me

she must have everything that i dont

can you please explain it to me? :(

why do you look at me different, why?

what you once said to me, was that a lie?

the other ones don't enjoy your eyes as much as i do

i know they wouldn't say it felt like they flew (lol)

that now rare moment when your eyes meet mine

and your attention is on me

i actually feel worth it again

it makes me not want to leave