I was so scared, but I was unaware how cool it would be! I woke up on some Wednesday in July. Wait, no, I dint WAKE up, I was WOKEN up but my mom. I was at my beach house this week, and today was the day we were going parasailing! I looked at the clock it was like 9:25, but that’s very late considering I’m an early riser, especially when on vacation. Mom gave me my clothes to change in to, but I was tired and quite nervous, so I yelled “no you poopy head!!!!!” or something like that… then she yelled at me and said, “ev, that’s not nice.” Or something like that… my brother, Sam, was coming to, along with my mom. Sam was being obedient for some reason. He got dressed, I did also, but I whined a lot. We got ready to go and said my bye byes to my cousin, and told them all I was going to die. I did know that what I said was completely irrational, so I guess I just said it for dramatic affect. We got our shoes on and left and I called shot gun! Woohoo! I was breathing heavily as we drove to the parasailing place, I was really scared mom told me they had to best safety record in Delaware… or something like that… but I wasn’t buying it, I WAS pretty sure I’d be ok, it’s just so freaky! Going 1000 feet in the air on a parachute! I also brought my video camera; but decided I would do much, cuz what if I dropped it in the water???? Some lucky fish would have got it and saw whatever dumb pictures I had on there! So while we waited to took some pictures of Sam putting his foot through the cardboard cutout of some mermaid, and I could tell he was quite nervous too, so to keep him in a good mood I talked about “what if you stuck your butt in the face hole???” well, that didn’t last long, cuz the next minute we boarded the boat, still breathing heavy, but I was a little happier since we had to take our shoes off. The boat started driving slowly, and we went to some other dock to pick up about 4 more people, and now there were 6 families, including us, there. We rode into the bay where the boat speed picked up, for about 5 minutes we were floating around at a high speed, while I was sitting on my knees, and letting my hair blow in the wind, which I like. Then I remembered what we were hear for when it was time for the first couple to go up! Well, at least we didn’t go first, but I started inhaling deeply again when we received the news that we were going next!!!! L I hope we could make a decision to go or not, judging by if the first couple died or not, in fact I asked my mom, “if they die, can we go back home?” and she said yes, she was aware of how nervous I was. Before we knew it, it was time to put our equipment on, which was bad, cuz I tried to breathe well, but the big life jacket like thingy made it hard to breathe, so I kinda panicked, and then did the “your-panicking-and-there’s-nothing-you-can-do-about-it” action. Yup I started to cry. And they put us in these things that look like size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXL underwear with HUGE holes in them! I laugh at me now, but then I was too upset to be amused, believe it or not. Soon, the couple came down... AND………. THEIR HEADS WERE CHOPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit... But they came down fairly alive, and by fairly, I mean they were fine. Big whoop. So they got us strapped up to the metal thingy. I was reeeaaaallly upset as they sent us up. And I closed my eyes and prepared to die! Mentally. Then I opened them, cuz I could tell I was already in the air. And I was paralyzed for the first 30 seconds, but i couldn’t believe my eyes! I could see like everything! The boat was so tiny!

I could see the Great Wall of China! Seriously! Ok maybe a teeny tiny exaggeration. But I could at least see big ben up there. Unfortunately, it only lasted like 3 seconds a few minutes! (I'm gonna work on not exaggerating) and we came back in, i was so scared in the beginning, but this was the highlight of my vacation! As everyone else went, I was really bored, so I just sat on my knees the whole time hanging my head over the edge of the boat and then my knees started hurting so I laid down and ALMOST fell asleep, but I like never sleep it the daytime. The only thing that ticked me off during the boat ride is that while some people were in the air, the sting got caught in the boat engine and they had to come down, and we were stranded for like ten minute, kind of like the time where the boat was being towed at 2 MPH... Nah I'm not gonna get to that story. So, after it was fixed, we went back. The rest was kinda boring, and then we got out and went back! We also got an SD card with some pictures on it! When I look at them I now think it was ridiculous I was so upset ion the beginning! Well, the point is I'm glad I did it!

The end!!!!!!!!! J