My grandma!
Vital statistics
Age Old. Elderly. Senior. I dunno exactly LOL
Gender Female
Nationality American
Height Shorter than my mom just slightly.. probably about the same height as me.
Town of birth Maybe.. Westminster MD? I really don't know. That was just a guess.
Current location Maryland
Occupation nurse (retired)
Parents they're dead. what does it matter? :p
Siblings Only child, I think!
Love interests My grandpa
Pessimist or optimist? Guess where my mom got HER optimism from? *eyeroll*

My gramma is a loving gramma she loves being my gramma and doing thing for us. She has been married for 47 years. She says my mom is very important to her.

Cool facts.Edit

She loves Hawaii

She loves the Beach

She loves to listen to the ocean and play in the sand

She has a big fat wallet (she's loaded!)

Both of her babies were both born on a tues. at 5:20 PM

Memorable DatesEdit

B-day...Jul 3

Anniversary...Jan 25

First grandchild born (not me) ...Nov. 16

She retired... Jul 1 2007

Info. FileEdit

5 ft 4 tall

Kids...Tina and Kim

Places out of the country