My favorite teacher!
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Nationality American, I think.
Height Probably around the same as me.
Town of birth Unknown
Current location LIKELY Maryland
Occupation Elementary school teacher
Parents I'm assuming she has some, XD
Siblings unknown if she even has any.
Love interests Her husband. :p
Pessimist or optimist? PROBABLY the latter.

My favorite teacher's name is Megan, im not sure I should cal her what I usually call her, and I do not have permission to post her last name. She was my teacher for 5th and 2nd grade, in elemantary school! She is my favorite, cuz she is very nice, and doesnt yell at me when i make some goof comment in class, and wouldnt yell at me when a more serious teacher would call me a show off. , also she did thing to help my mental issues like letting my use the computer to type, and letting me sit in the corner when I felt anxious! I was upset, When we had to got on to middle school! Brianna was in my class and also had her, so i'm gonna leave some space for Brianna to type her opinion! (If Brianna doesnt want to she can just erase the space I made).

Brianna's OpinionEdit

I think that Mrs. [last name censored] (Megan as it says above) is my favorite teacher so far... She is a nice, Smart, AWESOME teacher. Sometimes I felt bad for her because the people (Boys) in our class would always misbehaive in her class!! :( My boyfriend was not in that class that was oone of the worst parts for me. But when I found out Evelyn,Erin, And Sarah,And Mary, And Reilegh, And last but not least I have Lilly I was happy but not to be mean I would have been happier if my boyfriend was in my class but OK!! Umm.. If I have anymore to add later I will add it later but please don't add anything to my paragragh of writing!!l lol