Melvin and the Squirrels is an album of the same name of the group by Ron Bagdenasio. 

Melvin and the Squirrels
Melvin and The Squirrels
Album by Dan Sevelil and the Squirrels


December 20 1962


January 5 1958



Track listingEdit

Side one

1. "The Squirrel Song (For Christmas To Hurry)" (Ron Bagdenasio, Sr.) 
The Squirrel Song Preview

2. "The Squirrely Rockhouse (Let's Rock and Roll with Melvin and the Squirrels!)" (Ron Bagdenasio, Sr., Elvis Presely) 

3. "Melvin's Symphony" (Ron Bagdenasio, Sr., Ron Bagdenasio, Jr.)

4. "An Interview with Melvin feat. Ron Bagdenasio, Sr." (Ron Bagdenasio, Sr.)
An Interview with Melvin Preview

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