Maroon 5
the band.
Vital statistics
Age Various
Gender Male
Nationality American
Height Various
Town of birth Los Angeles, California
Current location L.A.
Occupation ...Band. DUHR
Parents Dahll should I know. I'm sure they HAVE parents though XD
Siblings Various
Love interests again, I dunno.
Pessimist or optimist? ...

Me and Evelyn both like Maroon 5 a lot! I like Adam Levine I think he is pretty cool and he has a unique voice. His voice is just v
Maroon 5-It Won't Be Soon Before Long -Front-

This is the Maroon 5 album I have! It's a very good one!

ery cool.

My fave Maroon 5 songs:

1.) Makes Me Winder

2.) Wake Up Call

3.) Misey

4.) Moves Like jagger

5.) Won't Go Home Without You

Maroon 5 are an awesome epic band!



Evelyns point of viewEdit

I'm have to agree with everything stefanie said!! here are my fav songs:

  1. Misery
  2. This love
  3. Sunday morning
  4. She will be loved
  5. Makes me wonder
  6. Moves like jagger
  7. Wake up call
  8. Stutter
  9. Payphone
  10. I cant lie
  11. Wont go home without you (im listenig to it right now lol)
  12. Out of goodbyes
  13. One more night


Adam 1

Adam Sexiness!!


YAY Adam! :)