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2 of Evelyn's made up words, I wrote them down to show them to my mom, and I kept the paper for her wiki!

Made Up Epic Words!==

  • Penii (Plural of Peni$)
  • Eyeballsack (Another way of saying something we don't even know what it is!)
  • Bartz (Funny way of spelling Bart!)
  • Ianz (Random way of Spelling Ian!)
  • Backie poo (Originated from Stefanie)
  • barvelyn (bart + evelyn)
  • ianie (stefanie + ian)
  • kennyz
  • capplebottle (Stefanie's first word as a baby!)
  • Pieballs (Pie + Eyeballs)
  • coola (an awesome way of saying cool. origination: well, i used to say cools a lot, then i made a typo and it came out coola, and that sounded awesomer)
  • bossly (this mean the best/biggest of its kind. ex. pie is bossly the the best dessert = pie is the best dessert , or you are a bossly jerk = you are the biggest jerk (lol) )
  • ploogal (depressed for an unknown or private reason)
  • poep (this is just a nonsense word kinda like eyeballsack. a vandal used this word, and i think it is freaking hilarious for some reason XD )
  • Malfonzo - Stefanie's ship name for Margaret and Al! (Alfonzo) (Jyeer's grandparents) :)  
  • borf (once, i was doing a word search in health that related to smoking. i saw the word "borf" and circled it! IT WAS HILARIOUS ME AND MY FRIEND WOULD NOT STOP SAYING IT XD so i decided to adopt that word. borfity borf borf!)
  • Feek (used to describe a person; someone who only makes decisions based on what they desire with little regards for others' feelings. Usually used as an insult. [Feeking; The act of doing the action described above])
  • Snodwod (Of a person; a very humble person, as "snodwod" is the word "pompous" written upside-down.)
  • Butterphile (Ummm... Use your imagination. XD)
  • Flynog
  • Gug
  • Farly (A way to say "by far"  if you don't feel like using two words. Not to be confused with "Farley", the friendship between Finn Hudson and Marly Rose on Glee.)