HI PEOPLE! ITS CHRISTMAS! i dont have much more to say. title line redundancy XD

BTW i will get soem pix as soon as i get batteries for my cam >:/

whatcha get for christmas?

evelyn's chirstmasEdit

  1. mario kart!
  2. 4 books!
  3. lots of candy!
  4. jolly rancher stuffs!
  5. lip gloss that smell/tastes like a variety of different sodas!
  6. 2 pairs of clothes and 2 shirt (both ahve soemthign to do with cats lol)!
  7. kitty kat calendar!
  8. an X box even tho that is 70% sam's!
  9. did u know that 75% more people will belive u if u use percentages?!
  10. (the following foir some reason make me LOL! i thoguht that was hilarious.)  a mug with nothing on it.. but the letter F! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THE LETTER F WTF xD that was so random. courtesy of my dad.!
  11. some cups that say funny stuff on it! (hoover dammit i forgot what it said lol but it was funny)
  12. a new bath poof! since sam used my opld one "where the sun doesnt shine" ...
  13. a sensor candy dispenser! (prefilled with jelly bellies!)
  14. a snuggy!
  15. a little thing that plays the nutcracker!
  16. some slippers!
  17. a story making elf! (funny when u make inapropriate words lolz)
  18. a bit more but im on a time limit ATM be back later!

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