Here is a list of pets I have seen in my life!!


i got tapsule from our neighbors. she is adorable!!!


cricket is an old black cat we own. we named her that because she could jump like a cricket!! she is lazy and has a stomach problem. she throws up whatever she eats.


My parents got marcy I think when I was 4. We got her from a shelter in Pennsylvania, we choose her because she walked right up and sat on my dads foot.


rosie was the neighbors cat but then they got a new cat, tapsule's real mom and she moved out and currently is a wild cat. i thought she was gonna die when she moved out, but she's doing good! she really liked me, but now she is kind of afraid of me! ahh!! i sometimes see her in my backyard and i go over and offer her some food. she still likes me a little! i haven't seen her recently though.

beetle busEdit

beetle bus was a beetle i had when i was younger.i really liked him and was really upset to see him go :( not like it was recent or anything.


they are not really my pets, but i go see then at my bay house. i like to feed them and they really like cheerios! thank to the help of me feeding them, they had babies!! i have only seen their babies recently though.. so i'm worried about them... i named them penny and mrs. quack!