Kenneth McCormick (Kenny)
One of Kenny's promotional images.
Vital statistics
Age 10 or 11 as of now in the show... /I/ Can't really keep track.
Gender Male
Nationality American, I think.
Height I dunno.
Town of birth I dunno this, either.
Current location South Park, Colorado
Occupation None
Parents Stuart McCormick, Mrs. McCormick
Siblings Kevin McCormick, Karen McCormick.
Love interests Me. LOLJK. ummm.. As of now, I'm not sure if any.
Pessimist or optimist? Who knows.

Kenny is a character on South Park. I (Stefanie) really don't know much about him, but I know that he is making Evelyn question her feelings for Bart, which is a shocker for me!

There is a classic quote, "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" On South Park. I really need to get to see SP!! :D

Evelyn's Opinion On Him:Edit


Kenny without his hoodie! :D

I deeply apologize for all fans of Barvelyn, but i think that Kenny wants some of my attention! (I wish :P) as South park is moving its way into #1 TV show for me, I statrted to notice how funny and cute Kenny was (oddly enough, you can barely hear him talking though his parka, but I sometime get a feeling he is saying something funny!) BTW, he is my favorite character (not by far, but not only by a mile, either) on South Park, followed by Kyle. Also, the "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" thing, despite being my favorite character, it is my favorite quote/running gag! Well, I might add more to this in the future! (also, I think that picture the Stefanie put up there is really cute!)

Also, in case I will ever forget, I'm gonna say this here: The first time I watched South Park was on August 4, 2012! P.S. That was my b day I love stamps and I'm 22. (talk) 05:23, June 7, 2013 (UTC)

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typical kenny

South Park Kenny's voice and and face!

South Park Kenny's voice and and face!


(This Pic moves)

Sorry I HAD TO! :D KennaH!.jpg Kyra-13.gif