Vital statistics
Age less than 16
Gender Female. LOLJK
Nationality American.. I think...
Height Shorter than me
Town of birth Do I sound like a stalker to you?
Current location Maryland
Occupation Middle schooler
Parents He has some.
Siblings John, and Jacob.
Love interests His pillows. LOL
Pessimist or optimist? Ehm...

Jack is this annoying kid that lives in my neighborhood. we used to visit each other a lot, but then brianna moved in and we never see him anymore! he moved into my neighborhood shortly after us, making us the second family with kids in our neighborhood. i have a picture of him on my camera, but his mom might not like it if i put his picture online!!!

sam says: he thinks he's so cool, but he's not. he litterally said he made out with a pillow and said he was pretending it was a girl in his class.