i like pie is another song Evelyn made to show her love of pie. There is a short and extended version of the song!


short versionEdit

i like pie, i, i, i-i-i-i like piiiiiiiiie!

extended versionEdit

i know that you are a food,

but you fill me with endless gratitude,

even when im in a sad moooood...

oh, your yummy deliciousness

your creamy pumpkin flavored bliss

keep me drooling like this!

nothing could possibly keep us apart

i can get you with my own heart

nothing can stopt us, even a really really stinky fart!

i'll go anywhere with you

do whatever you want to do

you dont know this, but when we're through, i will eat you!!!


i like pie, i, i, i-i-i-i- like piiiiiiiiiie!

cool factsEdit

  • the first ever voice recording no my DS was me singing the short version of this song