Theese will happen when your are becoming or currently are obsessed with south park. This is believed to be an illness commonly refered to as "south park syndrome". hereare some symptoms that mat effect someone with this disease, also, please do not see the doctor if you are diagnosed with this, the'll just laugh at you, unless you are seeing doctor evelyn mccormick. thank you!

  • OMGTKKYB is one of your favorite acronyms (oh my god they killed kenny you b@$t@rd$)
  • you know the actual hair color of all the characters
  • your dog is gay
  • im gonna finish this later cux im gonna watch bigger longer & uncut YAYZ!! that was the epikest movie EVER BTW :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • you looked up the lyrix to all of the songs!
  • you own an orange parka
  • you greet your friends by saying "hello there, children!"
  • see anything green on top and orange on bottom and think its kyle , stare at in in disbelif, and then feel stupid and depressed when you realise its a chair or something
  • you really want to to south park colorado to see how "beautiful" it is
  • you have south park CO saved on the radar
  • you eat a lot of fiber during the holidays in hope that hankey the christmas poo will be there for you
  • the "circle diagrams" in school somehow resemble the characters's heads..
  • Eric cartman


    you ALWAYS have a way to end any conversation with a south park refrence and are constanly quoting the characters
  • you have plenty of south park merchandise (shirts.. etc)
  • you have or at leat attempted to draw one of the characters
  • you are madly in love with one of the characters
  • characters frequenly appear in your dreams/fantasiez
  • you would do almost anthing to have stuffed toys of the characters
  • ilove kenny soo much :D:D:D
  • you know how to sing the theme song
  • when cartman is singing you can atually tell when he;'s saying
    Stan marsh


  • when you hear one of the characters names, you look up and say "say what?? what about him??"
  • you cuss a lot
  • you dance a lot to the songs
  • your constantly making sure everyone respects your "authoritah" but you know nothings worse then cartman with authoritah
  • you've been on big gay al's big gay boat ride
  • your favorite actors are terrance and phillip
  • you randomly say "kenny!" sometimes
  • you are planning to name your kids after one of the charcters
  • meeting matt stone and trey parker (the creators) is on your lifetime to do list
  • Kyle broflovski


    you are aware that rainforests spread cancer and wonder why so many people spend time saving them
  • you die a lot
  • uncle f***a is your favorite song
  • you will never underestimate the power of explosive diarrhea
  • you built a clubhouse and invited girls to play truth or dare with you
  • you have a cruch on a girl named wendy
  • you enjoy telling people to suck your balls and they just wonder where you got such a potty mouth
  • you have had the song "blame canada" stuck in your head once
  • you want a chinpokomon to teach you false things about the american government
  • you want to adopt and ethiopean and name him starvin' marvin
  • Kenny


    you have tried to light a fart on fire
  • barbra streisand is a dirty word
  • you have tried to talk like kenny in his parka
  • ducking and covering doesnt protect you from a volcano, you know..
  • you ship stendy
  • you have thought about writing a south park story of your own...
  • americas stupidest home videos is better than americas funniest home videos! go "little boy gets hit by a train!"
  • you have seen every single episode... so far...
  • yuo would really enjoy a south park CD.,,
  • yuo wish all those south park haters would go burn in heck... well maybe not theat dramatic...
  • FileSouthParkbiggerlongeruncut

    this is the worlds best movie hands down!!! >:D

    yuo like girls with.... wait im soo not gonna say that HERE..
  • yuo like to call in during jesus and pals
  • yuo cant stop misspelling the word yuo
  • you almost shot yourself when terrance an phillip were shot
  • you once had a tap dancing accident
  • buns hole IS a word!!!!!!!
  • KMIS!! yup you SHOULD know what that means...
  • you have read some stuff on the south park website..
  • south park is the show that "defines" you
  • you once paid a hobo 10 bucks to take you in to an R rated movie
  • you think kyle's mom is a "female dog"
  • your school counselor says m'kay alot, m'kay?
  • the school nurse has a dead fetus on her head
  • you will go to the H word instead of heaven just to be with the characters
  • you where a chewbacka costume wherever you go and always win stuff
  • you understand what marklar maens
  • when the teacher says, "now lable it south america..." you accidentally lable it "south park" (i do that a lot XD)
  • you quote the charcters even when you probably shoudn't..
  • you randomly say "fighting the frizzies at 11!"
  • you have many, many south park related pictures on your desktop
  • you want to kill kenny's girlfriend and say she had a heart attack or something
  • you have watched a home made south park marathon before
  • think about if you were doing anything right now.... it would be watching south park with a bag of cheesy poofs
  • you notice little things, like kenny probably prefers laying down as opposed to sitting
  • you for some reason cant stopt thinking/talking about it!!!
  • you have sen all the episodes, and and the movie multiple times
  • you have dont maultiplke character personality tests
  • you really really really really really really realy.. (i could go on with this for days) weant a south park t-shirt!
  • your name is evelyn

Stefanie's SignsEdit

  • OK well ths just happened to me today. My Friend Xavier got a higher grade then me on the test...and I said, "You b@$t@rd! You did better then me!" LOL he got a 93% and I got a 47%. :] Oopsies! :D My teacher was walking by and he heard me say "b@$t@rd" and he said, "No need to call people names!" and I started laughing and I said, "I know but I am mad he got a higher grade!" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 17:55, October 4, 2012 (UTC)

LOL I said, "I think I have to stop watching South Park for awhile!" He said, "I think you do too!" :D