User blog:Russelrules44/Claire the Drunken Bride (Go here to learn all about her) Good evening. Today I am going to teach you how to draw Claire McGill the Drunken Bride...You know? The one from my blog.  It's really easy, All you need really is a drawing thingamajoobie or get a paper and pencil and get started! ==Step 1== Draw a tan circle shaped head like this.


Step 2Edit

Draw her neck, like so.


Step 3Edit

Draw the upper part of her body like a square and her breasts like half circles, this here is where the fun begins.


Step 4Edit

The next part of drawing her is the wedding gown, like so, use a light shade of gray.


Step 5Edit

Now you have to draw her arms, this is mediumly easy so you should get through it.


Step 6Edit

This is a tricky part, next, you draw her feet like this.

HTDCG (Foot)

And then you add in her wedding slippers, which are grey but are mostly like normal wedding slippers.

Step 7Edit

Next, you take a lighter shade of tan and the same shade of gray you used for the wedding gown and put the color on her! Now she is starting to take shape.


Step 8Edit

Now...hmmmm, Something's missing to her......ah yes!, her hair! We can't forget her hair!

Her hair is shaped like a ponytail and is a blonde.


Step 9Edit

Now let's get back to the dress, pick up an even lighter shade of gray and work on the dress's hem, like so.


Step 10Edit

Now, You add in the half circle eyes, like so.


Step 11Edit

Pay very very close attention, the next step is the hardest, go to size 300% if your on paint, and draw some eyelashes. Like so.


Step 12Edit

Arguably the easiest step of the thing, draw a 2/3 triangle and a . next to it for her nose and a half circle with a line in the middle and color her insides white like so.


Final StepEdit

And now you have your- Oops....I almost forget one last itsy bitsy detail........THE FREAKIN' CHAMPAGNE!

I think it's obvious.


And now she's complete!

And no, it doesn't have to be the same pose, it could be any pose, take these for example.

To name a few, but if ya want, you can make your own.

Well, now that you finally know how to draw her. Get out there and STARTING DRAWIN'!

Thanks for reading!

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