Sometimes, you just can't remember why you didn't do your homework last night. If that's the case, here are your answers!

I sprained my brain. The doctor said no heavy thinking for a week.

I have a rare paper allergy (If they ask why you've never had a reaction in class, well, we're not miracle workers!)

My dad ate it. (Ok, Sam made that one)

Why should I do homework when the universe is winding down and the sun will explode in 50 billion years?(It's true, you know!)

I lost it (Sam!!!!!!!) <<< to be honest, this one doesn't wok. iv'e tried it! XD

I'm a jerk and I don't do my homework (Sam is flicking my brain!)

My brother is flicking my brain!

I happend to have thrown it across the room, and it sorta, went kinda, exactly where the garbage can is.

I've already finished school in a previous liftime. Now, I'm only going for the lunches.

It got lost in my pants

Excuse me? I don't speak english, but thank you for asking. One day, I hope to learn your language. In the meantime, I'm just faking it.

I finished my homework in my head! Why write it down and waste a tree?

My horoscope said, "Avoid homework or you will turn into a frog." Can you believe it mrs/mr. whoever? A frog! We dodged a bullet!

Did you hear about the kid that got TOO smart? He made his mom and dad feel dumb. I would never do that to my parents!

I have decided to submit last nights homework to a major broadcaster for a television sitcom pilot. In the meantime, my agent tells me that I can't show it to anyone else.

I was on the edge of the grand canyon and it fell off! ahhhh!!

HOMEWORK EXCUSES added by I Am A Superstar!! : ) 01:04, March 20, 2012 (UTC)

"Oh, I thought you meant March 21st, 2020!"

"The aliens told me not to hand it in."

"Calm down Mister/Miss. Don't you remember...there was no assignment!"

"It fell through a time warp. I actually handed it in last year."

"I realized no one would be able to comprehend it's genius."

"My mom thought my story was so good she put it in a writing contest! It is out of my hands. Sorry."

If all else fails...faint in front of the teacher so you will be sent to the nurse. Problem solved!

HOMEWORK EXCUSES added by  General Beegee  Talk  Editcount | All the Stuff...

My dog drooled on it and it became too wet so I threw it in the trash can. Sorry...

I lost my homework, and just found it in my backpack at school today.

An angry mob broke into my house yesterday and burned my homework. :(

Homework Excuses by Kawaii Bunny.

"I lost it in France."

"Don't you think that we've done enough?"

"I left it in the kitchen." (even better if you're a girl, jk lol)

"Who cares?"

"Well, you told me not to do it because I'm awesome like that, but then you slipped into a coma and forgot everything."

"I did do it! In my mind!"

"That kid (points to a kid) didn't do their homework either!"

But if none of those work, then, well, you're screwed.

Homework Excuses by AnthonyDaBestEdit

"My lil' brother (or sister) ate it because he wanted to be smarter than me." (Only say it IF you have a little sibling)

More coming soon!