Here's for you if you have those pesky little diaphragm spasms.

WARNING: Do not attempt these unless they are necessary. Doing so may result in public humiliation, embarassment, and green pee.

55. Drink pickle juice.

54. Just wait for the next hiccup.

53. Bend over and put your head on the ground and hold your breath till you turn red.

52. Blow on your thumb.

51. Tell your self to stop hiccuping.

50. Hold a pencil between your lips and drink water.

49. Turn you wrist like you would if you were looking at your watch and pick up a glass of water. Your Palm should be facing out. Proceed to drink the water in that position.

48. Drink a glass of water with one hand in the air.

47. Swallow a tsp of vinegar in one swallow.

46. Blow up balloons

45. Suck on a lemon.

44. Imagine a neon sign of the word "think." Imagine it blinking really fast

43. Laugh.

42. Fart.

41. Say the word "pineapple" over and over.

40. Rub you earlobes.

39. Talk nonstop for 10 seconds.

38. Chew gum.

37. Suck on your thumb.

36. Dunk your face in ice water.

35. Pull you own hair for 10 seconds.

34. Drink a glass of water with a metal spoon in it.

33. Eat a dill pickle.

32. Cough and then continue to blow all the air out of you lungs.

30. Eat Chocolate.

29. Make your self sneeze.

28.Drink a glass of water from the opposite side so that your chin is in the cup and you have to lean over to drink it.

27. Eat Peanut butter.

26. Squeeze the end of your index finger.

25. Don't swallow at all.

24. Stand on your head.

23. Breath through a wet wash cloth.

22. Take a hot bath.

21. Swallow water wile laying down with your nose plugged.

20. Eat a spoonful of mustard.

19. Drink water wile you wiggle your ear with your hand.

18. Put a spoon under your tongue and drink water.

17. Place a tsp of sugar under your tongue and let it dissolve.

16. Burp on purpose.

15. Hold your head back and stroke your throat.

14. Massage your eyelids.

13. Drink water from a glass that is covered with a napkin.

12. Pull your tongue out of your mouth and hold it there.

11. Make your self gag.

10. Scream as long as you can.

9. Place your finger below your nose just above your lips and push.

8. Squeeze your shoulder muscle until it hurts.

7. Hang up side down.

6. Smell the fumes from a lighted candle.

5. Put ice on both sides of your throat.

4. Eat Tabasco sauce with lemon juice.

3. Make out.

2. Eat a Slim Jim and drink a Dr. Pepper at the same time.

1. Think of bald men.

FROM: yahoo voices!

How do YOU get rid of your hiccups?Edit

I get rid of my hiccups but drinking a bunch of water really fast! Kinda boring! LOLz Ilovebartmorethanyou16 (talk) 21:11, September 1, 2012 (UTC)

I can actually verify now that chocolate is the best method on here. There is no pizza god. 19:15, October 12, 2013 (UTC)

I had a teacher in middle school, Mrs. Hintze, 8th grade...and she taught me a trick that does work at most times! I was having a math test...and I could NOT get rid of the hiccups! She told me to sip water from a cup 3 times on 3 different sides of the cup. It finally worked, LOL she called it "The Hintze Method." LOL! Also, if I am in public and there is no water around or anything...I just hold my breath until I can't anymore and hope that THAT works!! Haha!! ;D I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 22:10, September 1, 2012 (UTC)