From your dear friend Stefanie! 

I had this idea in my head for some reason, a few months ago. I had somewhat of what it looked like in my head, and I finally got to make it!

It is a collage with the years dated, of how long I have known you, all of your cute little cartoon/celeb crushes! Kind of amazing how far you have come! Heck, I have too! :P

The last is to say that this whole next year that you will have will be an amazing adventure, no matter who you will or will not like! We love you for just being Evelyn!

Well, here is the collage!:

I was actually going to, at the top, put, "Before we knew her..." and have The Hamburglar there! I just decided not to! Also, for an added bonus, please check out my new wiki page from yesterday! This page has a few things on here related to you, that is an added bonus surprise!

Here's to many more years of our friendship, and many more birthdays for the both of us,

~Steffie, AKA... #iamasuperstar (talk) 04:30, September 26, 2013 (UTC)

PS.) This is also the 201st page on this very wiki! :)

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