I thought that today I woud be very sad...maybe even miserable. Guess what...I AM NOT!! I AM HAPPY I am dancing around the classroom with joy! :D YAY I wanted to make a page to commemorate this day :) I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 17:15, December 14, 2012 (UTC)

12-14-12 :D

List what makes you happy! :D

What makes Stefanie Happy :DEdit

  • Seeing a certain someone
  • Talking to a certain someone
  • Getting looked at from a certain someone
  • Listening to music
  • Watching some of my fave shows, like Wild Kratts. Sonny With A Chance, Days Of Our Lives & General Hospital (and others)
  • Looking at pictures
  • Taking pictures (esp. in the hall at school, it can calm me down)
  • Talking to friends online, whether on efaceboook, Wikia chats or Yahoo Messenger :D
  • Being online
  • Hanging out with my mom/family
  • Volunteering at Kirkland
  • Going to Farmers Market (I have no idea why)
  • Holidays (sometimes...only if I can see family)
  • Going to Merchant's Square Mall/South Mall
  • Dancing/singing
  • Making someones day/making someone else happy
  • Getting complements from people
  • Getting good grades
  • Writing a poem/story/letter to or about someone/something...

What makes evelyn happy :DEdit

  • eating my comfort foods (sushi, cheetos, jolly ranchers... ect)
  • weekends (sometiems)
  • when my hair isnt brushed :P
  • (in agreement with steffers) making others happy
  • listenign to my favorite songs
  • grocery shopping LOL!
  • seeing my friends/ the people i like at school 
  • christmas!!!
  • snow
  • buying things
  • computer!!!!! shiny!!!!
  • talking to mah user buddies (4 i had in mind, 2 of which i love, 1 of which if my best friend, 1 of which i love in a different way :P )
  • going to the beach!
  • being hyper on a spike of my ADHD level. (yes, i know that this is bad, but idk why thuis gives me a general happy upbeat feeling, it just makes me.... whatever the opposite of depressed is :P )
  • watching south park (on the rare occasion ig et to do it :( )
  • when i'm upset and someone trys to comfort me. even if is deosnt wark, i'm happy that that they even made the effort.
  • reading my medical dictionary (i do this when i'm depressed! talk about pie weird!)
  • when we are doing a partner activity in school, and i'm not the last one chosen. i typically am, whoch makes me sad with the lack of friends (considerering mybest friends are on here, and i do have a few freind but they found someone better than me), i'm happy that someone bothered to give me a chance or talk to me