Another knucklehead I met on Disney Chat.

  • "I didn't say that i care for a wiki, but, if you make me an admin, let it to me, and you make a new one."
  • "Do you want to ban you, to see that I can?" 
  • "I'm really member to my wiki, but i don't know if i'm admin."
  • "Stop this to my wiki."
  • "Why you hate me?" 
  • "Who is cops?"
  • "What cameos do you know?"
  • "I have, but there are midnight, and I can't be funny."
  • "Why? I don't want, because I don't know anything yet."
  • "Why I'm weird?"
  • "Why you call me names?"
  • "Weird is crazy? Not bad? I thought mean villain."
  • "I don't know, if you are not in your pc, right now, but learn that i disabled the chat. if you want, to enable it again, you must say 'sorry,' and unblock me. please. do that."

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