The Evelyn and friends club, a.k.a the Webkinz and Club penguin club (we couldnt decide between the two names), is a club where Evelyn (the leader) and her friends do fun activities, most of the time involving webkinz, and club penguin. This is a real life club, not one that can be joined on the wiki. This is a very fun club, as said by Evelyn and various other members, but we often argue over the rules, and occasionally our misbehavers will be kicked out temporarilly, otherwise banned. Evelyn made the rules herself on a sheet, aided by Brianna, who typicaaly does the typing on our documents. This club celebrates its birthday in summer, and has been around for at least 3 years, maybe 4.



Evelyn is the current leader, and probably the only one. Once there was chosen a leaders assistant job, which Sam got in case Evelyn leaves for a bit, but his assistance was never needed. Also, Evelyn sometimes has meetings to discuss the rules and get members opinions on them, but this usually results in fights if someone doesnt get their way. There were no "hours" decided by the leader, but in summer, she is usually available for a few hours mid day, and during school day, she has a few hours after school.


Members are the main particiPANTS of the club. Some come more often than others. Some at higher levels of power then others, having "jobs", but they are alll under the rule of Evelyn. The only member that has never gotten punished is Brianna, however Sam currently has the most badges (Evelyn awards badges to encourage good accomplishments and behavoir). Sam and Brianna are our best visitors, followed by Jack who rarely comes anymore. The current popularity of the club is plummeting. As of now are only 2 members are Brianna and Sam, although for TTC (the club entertainment grounp, Too Talented Crew) preformances, we sometimes gain visotors.


The clubs staff team is formed by the parents of the clubs members. Their job is to help manage the club, and donate things. They help give rule suggestions to. There are currently 5 staff members.


There are various jobs a member can have in the club. To earn a job, a member has to complete a quick session of training, and if you already have 3 jobs (the limit) you must quit one to get another, and you earn a badge for every job you join.


members earn badges for variuos reasons. when they have done good accomplishments or have bewen well behaved, ther will earn badges, when someone has 50, the have to make a desision for a prize, thew options are candy, acessory, or a toy, most of the kids have chosen the toy. some are simple, like just for joining, but some are more difficult.

list of membersEdit

the top 3 and last 2 are the only curent members, but these all participated at some point in club history.

  • evelyn (leader)
  • brianna
  • sam
  • jack
  • katie
  • alyssa
  • kelsey
  • olivia
  • jacob
  • morgan
  • madison
  • carmen

cool factsEdit

  • the leader actually wroter this page. lol
  • the TTC sometimes has concerts!
  • in almost every common pleace we visit, there is a location set for club use
  • we have a clubhouse on a playground in our backyard, which we refer to as the clubhouse, as most of our activities are done outside, we store most of our stuff in the clubhouse
  • in a few months, everyone exept brianna and sams membership will be removed for not being updated
  • we give secret agent lessons!
  • the club name is sometimes abbreviated as EAF/WACP or EAF/WACP club
  • we sometimes have holiday parties
  • there is no corrent logo/flag for the club, but we are in the process of chosing a flag