During me and Evelyn's awesome chats, we have made quite a few typos that turned out to be hilarious! Here are a few I (Stefanie) can think of! If you have any typos you'd like to add, feel free to add your name and your typos. Thanks!! remember, this is a page for typos, if u made aup an epic word, put it here! thx!

Evelyn's TyposEdit

efaceboook = Facebook

waggles = waffles

!!!11 = !!!!! (This one happens when accidentally, you release the shift button too soon because you're that excited!)

qyuestions = questions

usoing = using

abouit = about or about it

daysomething = day something, something

thign = thing

vclen = clean

secy = sexy

poutside = outside

shoool = school :D

avata = avatar

alfred = after

dinkey kong = donkey kong

degfinatley! = definitely!

tootalatty = totally

kystan? = kyle? stan?

ainb = ian

may i have a link to ur shat? = may i have a link to ur chat?

ipdad = ipiad (oops!) ipad

  • dffsil  = *fail

topmottpwe = tomorrow

dick = duck

^this one was  oted the "typo of the year of 2013" by the national typos administration.  
Screenshot 62FAIL


Stefanie's TyposEdit

thakns! = thakns! Oops1 I still did it!

iiiiian = Ian (For when I am just too excited about him!)

bartz = bartz. Hmm, maybe that one is not a typo?

Marooon 5 = Maroon 5

Adsam = Adam

bbarrttt = Bart

lookign = looking

thaks = thnaks = thanks

anthier = another

si = is

anf =and

awesmee!! = awesome!!

thinder = thunder

ytypos = typos

fubby = funny

tyypos = typos

baban =banana

Matoon = Maroon (For Maroon 5)

Tanksy! = Thanks!

panxajes! = pancakes!

lottle = little

doubel = double

sopamllopl! = spam lol!


dfrom = from

oops anoyther one! = oops another one (was actually anither typo then i mad anither ine!)

actess = actress

shure! = sure!

does that spifms? = does that count?

  • best cimbo in thw rorld!
  • best ckimbo in thw rokd
  • best cimbo in the world!
  • cimco
  • combo!

(Best combo in the world...sushi + kenny lol)

sopeeyu - sorry

A0Man! = A-Man

instrucot = instuftor OOPS! Instructor

yplafe = typo page

bamd = band

vicals = vocals

tp ytypos = to typos


tattentoion! = attention

And *ceonsored* with *ceonsred* = And *censored* with his *censored*

  • care;ess = *careless


shicked! = shocked!

pict7re = picture

mw too HWY soeone ese is her! = me too HEY someone else is here!

MAroin 5! = Maroon 5!

byt goodyps xd pizza is in my orer hsabd = but good typos xd pizza is in my other hand\

wat testarant = what restaurant

netfire = before



dowconnectes = disconnects

what kind of goocoke? = what kind of cookie? 

  • I Am A Superstar!! : )you are BOTH the curst coupke veerr
  • cutest couple ever

wikiepdai = wikipedia

Lakin's Typo'sEdit

Hot-throb= Heart-throb

Tomsay= To say

Aslo= Also

Everthing= Everything

Deschanbnel= Deschanel

Latelty= Lately

Whgat= What

Peadoby= Peabody

Eadleir= Deadler

Stery = Story

Hogot= Got

Monters = Monsters

Inronic = Ironic

Goldish = Goldifsh = Goldfish

Started= Starred

You= Use

Monry = Money

Toady = Today

Ashtar's Typo's (MountainLion37)Edit

qwestion = question

probems = problems

enabcipate = emancipate

can't = can

Viv's Typo'sEdit

ah = Are

Bivers-Bivers = Bye-Bye

Isabella and Lego Liker (IALL, Izzy)Edit

Warnbing = Warning

hba8s7yd6g8hw7386yhdfyy7986y8YTJ*(g7ykuJ8j6yYkyuh50ukh0%Yk(*&KHN)RKU90k7gn709kN&H9np8_ULNB)GLUNGNhpK*hyn9kY)(Ny8lDG)*N(ylg9uyl)(N**ylg09n8ylg08LN8gyu0nyu0)LN*U_GF*LN)GF)LNGFpk9nb = who knows???????????????????????????????????


wrhis:ong = wrong

AnonymousMan168's TypoEdit

deenitiy = defenitly

AnthonyDaBest's TyposEdit

One = Won

Master Cheif = Master Chief

        • y = Bobby
        • 's Burgers = Bob's Burgers

Here = Her