Debra Linda Dooley, Jr. (born May 12th, 1953)

Debbie Dooley, Jr.
Vital statistics
Age 60
Gender Female
Nationality American
Height Unknown
Town of birth Master State, SW
Current location Grammar State, CG
Occupation Teacher
Parents Debbie Dooley, Sr.

Susan Dooley

Siblings Andrew Dooley (husband)

Andrew Dooley III (grandson)

Love interests Andrew Dooley
Pessimist or optimist? Optimist

Debbie Dooley is a silly teacher from Kimberly Greenberg Middle School. She calls everybody "Anthony" for no reason, She brings snickerdoodles at the end of 5th Period and says "Here's snickerdoodles for yoodles".  Debbie always says "Anthonay, stahp dat." She lies about her age saying she's 23, 39 and 49. When she gets cut sweat comes out instead of blood.


"Anthonay, stahp dat."

"I'm Debbie Dooley, how you doin'?"

"Here's a snickerdoodle just for yoodle"

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