Pie 006
A low quality picture of my dad.
Vital statistics
Age ...Is it bad I forget my parents' ages?
Gender Male
Nationality American
Height taller than Mom
Town of birth Atlanta, GA
Current location Maryland
Occupation Works on houses and electricity and stuff like that.
Parents he has some.
Siblings Uncle Ed
Love interests I don't think anyone as of now.
Pessimist or optimist? Eh. A little of both. Probably slightly more pessimistic.

Matt is Evelyn and Sam's dad.

Info. fileEdit

Gender: Male

Age: Over 21. Older than mom

Nationallity: American

Hometown: (Town name withheld), Maryland

Job: Musician, electrician

Parents: My grandma (not the one i made a page for), my grandpa

Siblings: My uncle

Grandparents: Ummmm.............. I don't know .


Wife: Tina (divorced)

Children: Evelyn, sam

Pets: Cricket, Tapsule and Marcy


he was a little boy who spent all his time imagining things.


it is wonderful, he grew 2 amazing children in his backyard (?) and he grafted me from fruit trees (??) and he is a sad, sad man.


he says he hates his job and have never liked it one day in his life. his calling came ans went like a train in the night. jhe can barekly see it;'s tailights anymore.


he used to be funny. he still imagines things to this day.

People he knowsEdit


she is a glorious beamig light of goodness. her eyes reminded her of chrystal waters that he wanted to swim in. and he wishes he could do the backstroke in them right now.


he is a friend of his since high svhool. they wee in the photography club together. dad liked his photos, and he was a good photographer. Tony liked to destroy army men as a child, much like Sam. he and his friens sean w. would kiil them with needles and fire, and then pose them as if in battle. hours of fun for a boy.

cool factsEdit

  • he is an undiscovered artist, he cant draw or paint in the standard way, but his art is in written form, music, and sometimes ofdd art like sculpture.
  • he is an inventor who holt no patents his has invented many thing that change the way he does electrical work, and it has been noticed by many others.