I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Okay, so you may or may not know Chris Colfer. (Hint: Plays my favorite character in Glee, Kurt Hummel.) Anyhoo, they are farly the best Famous person/pet duo. They are really hot together! I hope one day me, Chris, Brian, and Tapsule can go on a double-date. So, this page is for me to put random picture of them together or separate! :D Without further adieu, here are some of the cutest things ever! Also, I think it's adorable how Chris calls himself Brian's "daddy"! Awwwwwwwww! (well duh I mean everything he does is cute to his fans XD)

Here come da picsEdit

Omg like half of these I saved twice oops XD

Funny Brian Colfer TweetsEdit

Okay, so Brian Colfer has a Twitter account and he has some REALLY funny and clever tweets. By the way, there IS a rumor that Brian's account is run by Chris. If so, he is like, the best person on the face of Earth (Besides me lolololjk) Anyway, here some are! (Some post have profanity and have been censored)

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 22h

"Brian? Are you using my computer!?"

"bitch i might be"

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 5 Jul

I'll admit it, I did smile. There's a reason for that though, Chris has yet to find out what I did.

I doubt he'll ever know.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 5 Jul

Who the f**k says I'm smiling. [On [photo] ].

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 27 May

"@shugochara6: @CatBrianColfer Did you get Chris anything for his birthday?" A beautiful new hairball

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 12 May

a chick is outside a KFC a cat goes to it & asks"whatre you doing here?" the chick replies "waitin for my mom to come out"happy mothers day!

Mary ‏@folkedangel 8 May

@CatBrianColfer Cute bowtie Brian. Does this mean you're rooting for Klaine?  :-)


Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 12 May

@folkedangel means I like bowties

Chris Colfer ‏@chriscolfer 30 Apr

"Alright, Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close-up."


Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 30 Apr

@chriscolfer this really captures my good side...wait all of my sides are good.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 29 Apr


<)   )╯


Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 29 Apr

why cant I try the new cookies? @chriscolfer

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 17 Apr

Darren's announcement is that he's getting a boob job pass it on [He's talking about Darren Criss whom he has mixed feelings about. XD]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 29 Mar

Chris Colfer is NOT dating curly haired guy Darren. Chris Colfer is NOT dating hot model Will-y. Chris Colfer is dating me. #hescatsexual

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 29 Mar

fish are looking lovely today

Chris Colfer ‏@chriscolfer 29 Mar

"Something tells me this isn't a flattering angle..."

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 29 Mar

@chriscolfer i hate you why would you post this picture of me knowing i didnt like how i looked shaking my head at you

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 27 Mar

RT @druidDUDE: I can't stop listening to @OneRepublic's new album. All the Klaine feels. Just all of 'em [Native! My favorite song ever, If I Lose Myself is on there!]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 26 Mar

Theres this different guy who visits Chris a lot, he calls him Willy or something like that. I hissed at him over the weekend.


Mary ‏@folkedangel 26 Mar

@CatBrianColfer Geez Brian, is there ANYONE you don't hiss at? I bet you only like the girls. Boys are ok too.  :-)


Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 26 Mar

@folkedangel i dont hiss at people who give me baked goods

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 26 Mar

The other day Chris and curly haired guy started to make a lot of noise in the other room, I went to check and guess what they were doing... [Curly haired guy is Darren Criss. It's just so cute that's what Brian calls him XD]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 21 Mar

Of course Darren Criss gets a  ton of from me, I don't hate him THAT much.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer21 Mar

Done embarrassing myself by calling myself a pussy.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 21 Mar Of course Darren Criss gets a ton of from me, I don't hate him THAT much.

Expand {Katie} ‏@Live_Love_Choir 21 Mar @CatBrianColfer Since when do you call himm Darren, Brian?

Expand Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 21 Mar @Live_Love_Choir since i learned how to spell his name today

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 23 Feb Chris says thank you for the trend "Chris Colfer Rules Our World"!...and we both feel you guys forgot to add my name in there.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 19 Feb "BRIIIIIAAAAN, NO MISTER!!!" - @chriscolfer when I get on top of the kitchen counter.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 11 Feb

gettin real tired of u Colfer [Chris probably isn't feeding him enough again XD]

Mirthy Lopez ‏@minicolfette 5 Feb

@CatBrianColfer Does Chris ever give you catnip?


Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 7 Feb

@minicolfette that cheap ass thing naw

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 27 Jan

Why hasn't Chris showed up? I hid his shoes, car keys, and phone.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 22 Jan

Cat update: I didn't catch the laser.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 21 Jan

Who looks better @chriscolfer or me? … hint me I look better

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 15 Jan

"@kadyds: CatBrianColfer …" and the sky is blue and water can make you wet [H2O fetish? Jk hawhaw.]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 24 Dec

Earlier Chris and curly haired guy exchanged gifts. Boy were they noisy.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 1 Dec

@rorys_bowtie what facebook account? I hate facebook more than a stripper hates making $1 in one night [PREEEEACH!]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 1 Dec

"@shugochara6: @CatBrianColfer So what are your thought on the curly haired guy that came into Chris's house?" He's really weird and short

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 1 Dec

Chris and curly haired guy went to play in Chris' room, they're making a lot of noise. I wonder what they're playing.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 1 Nov

Does anyone know where Chris went to over the weekend? He went out as the Llamanator and returned the next afternoon in pjs.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 7 Oct

I'll give Chris the message that some (most) of you want to see him shirtless. [Aaaahhhhh good kitty XD]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 2 Sep

Imagine how different all your lives would be if Chris had never auditioned for Glee. [Really. Omg I might still be... I dunno... umm.. Yea.]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 26 Aug

Things I Say To Christopher: Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Bitch, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 24 Aug


Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 24 Aug

Plot twist: Chris Colfer runs this account.[LOOOOOOL]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 23 Aug

Unfollowers are tasteless ballsacks who don't know perfection when they see it. Christopher agrees. [Omg I swear I have said "tasteless ballsacks" before i loled so hard at this]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 18 Aug

Daily reminder that I can crawl into Chris' bed and snuggle up to him any time I want. Jealous? [FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU]

Megan ‏@mjeanp21 16 Aug

@chriscolfer I have been wondering this for a while: Who is Rapunzel married to? #tlos


Chris Colfer ‏@chriscolfer 16 Aug

@mjeanp27 Her husband. In the original story he's just a traveler and they have twins out of wedlock! #OMGcat


Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 16 Aug

@chriscolfer No s**t, Chris, really? I thought she was married to a pineapple.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 10 Aug

@DarrenCriss you douche


Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 10 Aug

@DarrenCriss boxers or briefs?


Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 10 Aug

"@GleekIcoons: @CatBrianColfer What does Chris say when he's sleeping?" get the f**k off me Brian.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 10 Aug

"@Colfergronvera: @CatBrianColfer how does it feel, sitting on Chris' butt?" SUNSHINE LOLLIPOPS AND RAINBOWS AND EVERYTHING THAT'S WONDERFUL

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 10 Aug

Cat Q&A time.

Ask questions and I'll answer honestly. Go!


Ambition ‏@CarsonHeaven 10 Aug

@catbriancolfer Do you realize how many people love and envy you at the same time? :3


Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 10 Aug

@BroadwayColfer Bitches be jealous of me.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 10 Aug

"@hugmedarren : @CatBrianColfer what are your biggest dreams?" to one day swim in a giant cup of milk

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 10 Aug

"@imagleek721 : @CatBrianColfer Have you bit Chris?And if so,what does he taste like?:D" like sunshine

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 8 Aug

Last night I either felt an earthquake or Chris rocking on his bed. I'm not sure...

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 8 Aug was an earthquake.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 6 Aug

@chriscolfer Chris, if I make you cake, will you let me touch your hair?

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 6 Aug

NASA landed a rover on Mars, @DarrenCriss , @chriscolfer , and I are hoping it captures some awesome pictures of Pigfarts.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 2 Aug

FYI: Chris' ass is very comfortable. [omg *jealous* i'll bet]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 2 Aug

@chriscolfer you can't blame me for wanting to be comfortable Christopher.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 31 Jul

#MentionSomethingAboutYourself I am awesome. It's scientifically proven.



Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 24 Jul

Perfection has 10 letters and so does cheesecake.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 13 Jul

Just to clear things up, I have NOT seen Chris Colfer naked. He isn't the type of human to just get naked in front of a cat. [ getting naked in front of a cat abnormal or anything?]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 3 Jul 12

Happy Darren Criss sucking on Chris Colfer's lips day!

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 2 Jul 12

Chris has this crazy thought that he's 7th in line for the throne. What he doesn't know is that I'm 6th in line. #isaidBOWnotMEOW

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 29 Jun 12

Me: "Don't worry the rat is smaller than you"

Chris: "So is a grenade"  [lOOOLolo!]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 16 Jun 12

"Roses are red

Foxes are clever

I like your butt

Let me touch it forever."

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 6 Jun 12

If you RT this Chris Colfer will appear in your room wearing his Single Ladies leotard singing Keep Your Shoes by Scissor Sisters.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 1 Jun 12

Girls: Chris is hot.

Boys: Chris is hot.

Cats: Chris is hot.

The world: Chris is hot.

Darren: Chris is hot.

Chris Colfer: Llamas. [I loled so hard at this post]

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 1 Jun 12

Chris: What happened to my bread!?

Me: *wipes off bread crumb off of mouth* The fish ate it.

Chris: *goes and asks the fish*

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 31 May 12

Chris: Hey Brain, what do you get when you stand between two llamas?


Chris: Llamanated!


Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 30 May 12

@chriscolfer has OLD (Obsessive Llama Disorder) The symptoms are talking about llamas, pretending to be a llama in front of your cat...

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 28 May 12

-last night-

Chris: Im 'ot drunk.


Chris: Don' judge me.


Chris:..didya know Im seventh in line for the throne?

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 27 May 12

Hey I just met you 

let me touch your butt.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 28 Apr 12

I like confusing Chris in the morning by sitting on his keys.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 23 Apr 12

I have a good idea

Kurt and Blaine


put their mouths on each other.

Brian ‏@CatBrianColfer 11 Apr 12

Fact: Thousands of fangirls are jealous of me, a cat, because I get to live with Chris, sleep with him, eat with him, and Chris loves me. [You don't say.]

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