These are the things that people are not allowed to do on chat, If you do them you may get kicked or banned. Please respect them!! Thank You!!

  • Profanity: You may cuss, but not in any extremely vulgar or crude way. the rule of limited cussing still applies to the general wiki itself, but in chat, you may swear as you wish, as long as it isn't used in a very bad way, or used as an insult to another user on the chat. 
  • Harassment: You may never in any way harass another user.
  • Spam: No spamming after being told to stop, We typically do allow spamming but if it gets annoying you must stop.
  • Prohibited topics: No talking about inappropriate topics such as sexual talk (few exceptions to this topic) or talking about drugs/alcohol. Also, do not talk about harming or threaten to harm ANYONE. This includes yourself, and can also count as harassment. Any talk/threats of killing/harming yourself or other users will not be tolerated and in any way can result in kicks and bans. If you were asked to drop the subject please do so.
  • Threatening vandals: If you see someone misbehaving please tell a chatmod or admin. If there are no chatmods or admins available please just tell one via message wall and leave the chat. Don't threaten the vandal at all. That gives them the attention they want and persuades them to continue.
  • Personal info: If you know me personally don't give out your personal info, for more info about what you can and can't say, please read this: Personal info do's and don't for people that dont know me personally you are advised not to give away the information in the don'ts, but you can choose what you want to reveal, remember, if anyone asks you for information you are not comfortable giving out, don't do it, and tell an admin or chatmod, because they could be an "internet predator".
  • Politeness: Be nice to everyone and make them feel welcome, just be nice and easy on the newcomers so they feel good and get used to everything.
  • Insults: Do not insult people in ways such as name-calling (ex, you're an idiot!) doing so in a friendly way is ok, (ex, you're so dumb! JK!) as long as you can tell they're kidding, but if you believe they've gone to far, tell them to stop, is needed, tell a chatmod or admin.
  • languages: Talk understandably. Please don't talk any language other than english or we can't understand you.
  • Links: You can link almost anything on the chat, but if anything bad is linked (EX, inappropriate pictures, viruses...) you can be banned immediately, also, we don't mind if you post a link to your wikis chat a few times, but if it seems your only purpose here is to tell us about your wiki, you may get warned or kicked
  • Arguing: Do not argue with anyone, but especially a chatmod or admin, and about the rules.
  • Trolling: By definition, trolling is the act of being an annoyance online because you can, usually to get a rise out of someone, start drama, or in an attempt to gain attention. One of the most common ways people troll is to hate-talk a subject someone else likes just to spite them and see how they react. We do not allow this practice here, and anyone who has trolled, even on others wikis, or is suspicious of trying to be a troll here, may get kicked at any time. An admin or chatmod who has reason to believe a new coming user is a troll has permission to kick them and ask of the user to make 1 productive edit before returning to the chat, but banning is not recommended unless it gets out of hand.
  • Offensive statements: Saying things with another user's religious beliefs or political opinions in mind just to aggravate them is also trolling, but not okay. This is also why political or religious conversations are typically regarded as taboo, it gets heated and people get offended. We want to make all of our chatters feel welcome.   So, if you feel someone is specifically trying to troll or offend you, please tell someone of authority! However, if you believe yourself to be a more of an "easily offended" person, chat is not recommended. The other users would still reserve the right to talk about a subject that makes you uncomfortable, and it as important for you to respect their opinions and beliefs as it is for them to respect you. 

While most of these rules do also apply to the wiki, the wiki's main rules are here: Rules. Thank you for reading these rules and if you have any problems, contact an admin, thank you!  note to chatmods: feel free to kick the user Cdk2001 at your leisure. LOL Ilovebartmorethanyou16 20:26, August 8, 2012 (UTC)