everyone has a catctphrase. a catophrase is somethign you say a little to much. i have may of them. ? how about you? anywhere here is a list of my catchphrases, some some random quote i enjoys.

​Evelyn's quots and catchphrasesEdit

holy fudgeballs!Edit

definition: somethign you say when you are very surprised in a good or bad way.

origin and uses: i just liie fugeballs, ok??



HOly FUDGEBALLS this cheesecake is awesome!

somewwhere between there and here i lost itEdit

definition: i say this when i lost something; i typically say this at school

origin and uses: this became a catphrase because i frquently loose thins

examples: teacher: where is your october book report? me: somehere between here and thetr i lost it.

i like pieEdit

definition: this is something i saw when im bored

origin and uses: the occurence of this is very random and said for no apperent reason?

example: ii like pie.

you rotten kids!Edit

definition: something random i say

origin:? My Neighbor Kevin

examples: see link above.


definition: acronym for what the penis


examples: WTP? why isnt it working?

WTP is wrong with me XD

maybe i did, maybe i didn't! gosh!Edit

definition: what i say when i did soemthign i probably shouldn't have done :P

origin: napoleon dynamite 

examples: dad: whoe put the pictures of the penis on ym camera? me: maybe i did maybe i didnt, gosh!  (i just love drawing penii to save to dads ipad and scare him XD )

i'm a few berries short of a pieEdit

definition: i'm not a very brigt/sane person

origin: ...actually i really just made this up one day...

examples: some peraon: evelyn, you got 14/50!?!? me: yea i know, i'm a few berries short of a pie.

eat my ammonia donutEdit

definition: tis doesnt really have a specific definition. this is just some radnom dumb thing i say. 

origin: once i ate an apple fritter (yet i still say donut..) that tasted like ammonia, and ic ould have been poisoned!! but then is aid on chat to someone (forgot who) how yould YOU like to eat my ammonia donut?? and i guess that sounded good so a stsrted randomly saying that

examples: well.. since the occurance of the phrase is usually random there are no specific examples.

i dont give a gallstoneEdit

definition: basically like i dont give a crap, or that stuff.

origin: i have no clue why i started saying it, maybe after i read the gallstones entry in my medical dictionary, idk lol. 

examples: sam: (begging for me to watch some thing he did in minecraft) but ev! i die in it! me: i dont give a gallstone.

i enjoy watching sam die in minecraft. 

go away bully!Edit

definition: what tos ay when someone says somethign mean (even if its just a LITTLE mean) to u

origin: i sometimes syell "go away!" if i want to be left alone, i also sometimes call people "bullies" or "meanies" just for fun. kenya see where i'm going with tthis?

examples: sam: ev, u just ran into the water (referring to mario kart) me: go away bully!

mom: i have some work for u to do.

me: GO AWAY BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs away*

sorry for disturbing your mental welfareEdit

definition: sorry for bothering you in the least.. (sometimes sarcasm) i say it when i accidentally irk someone a little.

origin: once, my and my friend madeline and i were perposly "cheating" at our basketball practices to make it easier for us, and then we were beign smart@$$es and sarcastically theorizing what to say the the teacher if she caught us chating, and she said "sorry for disturbing your mental welfare.." and i thoguht that was funny lolz

examples: mom: (refering to mario kart) 1st again?? me: gee, sorry for disturbing ur mental welfare.

(we are late from school in this bit):

mom:cm'on guys! 


  • i run and get mustache in panicked rush*


  • i coem out wearing mustache*

me:  sorry for disturbing your mental welfare.. 

fail/epic fail/nice failEdit

definition: what happens when someone messes up, this is what i say. lol.

origin: well u know how fail si kind of an internet thing.. and it just kinda.. happened...

examples: *someone makes really bad typo* nice fail!

  • falls off rainbow road in mario kart* EPIC FAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL

kid: i forgot my pencil today...

teacher: thats another X for u.

me: *whispers* fail.


definition: thanks for telling me soemthing i already know.

origin: i think i read that somewhere.. idk XD


sam (referring to mario kart): ooo u lost!


person 1 (@ person 2): it is spelled h-y-d-r-o-g-e-n.


i like my coffee cold and my ____ ____Edit

definition: that just telling people the way i like things. ironically, i don't drink coffee.

origin: i made this one up.


  • censored "scream & shout" comes on radio*

me: ugh. i like my coffee cold and my songs uncensored.

hmmm..examples that are appropriate...

teacher: it's a passing grade, but i see you did the minimal work.

me: oh... yea... [thinking]: i like my coffee cold and my work simple. 

Stings with ______Edit

definition: Just a fun way of describing a "dramatic" situation. The most common words used in the blanks are "irony", "monotony", occasionally "redundancy", and "hypocrisy" 

origin: i made this one up too. I'm on a roll!


me: [on the subject of big words i can spell and say] And hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, meaning the fear of long words, which stings with irony! 

me: [ton *on (omg ton is one of my favorite suffixes)  friday, waiting for the bell o dismissal to ring, thinking]  I can't wait for this weekend to be over. it'll pretty much sting with monotony. 

  • Bethany does somethign weird, but within normal limits because she's not a total weirdo xD* 

me: haha you are soo weird! :P 

Me; [thinking] Ouch. THAT stings with hypocrisy. 

In other newsEdit

definition: Something I say when I want to change the subject or I run out of on topic things to say. i'll say this before switching gears so my comment isn't completely random.

origin: I think I got it from SOMEWHERE or SOMEONE, I just can't exactly put a finger on it right now.


Kimmy: Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me who you--



Definition:  Something I say to show something I REALLY like or think is REALLY funny. 

Origin: I made this one day when I was casually scanning the Malcolm in the Middle tag on Tumblr. It was "THE BEST THING" until I came across another post that I used the same phrase to describe. Ever since then, "THE BEST THING" has become a regular.

Examples: Well, really I mainly use this to caption pictures, so I have no spoken examples, as of now. 

The Doctor's QuotesEdit

Make Like a Tree, and get outta here.Edit

Definition: Go Away, Goodbye

Origin: Back to the Future 1 and 2

Example: I'm Gonna Make Like a Tree, and get outta here.

Buunak's Catchy PhrasesEdit

Oh My MinajEdit

Definition: Barb version of Oh My Gosh

Origin: Inspired by Twitter user @swiftie186 saying Oh My Swift

Example: Oh My Minaj, that is awesome!!

Cray CrayEdit

Definiton: crazy

Origin: The Gravity Falls episode Fight Fighters

Example: Y U Ackin So Cray Cray?

Are You Kidding Me/You Have Gotta Be Kidding MeEdit

Stefanie's Catchphrases/QuotesEdit


Definition: Pie

Origin: Pie

Example: [At the store] PIE! OMG PIEZ! MOM I WANT SOME PPIIEE!!? Omgomg_by_nillemotes.gif


but ok!Edit

definiton: okay/if so say so/if you want

origin: just saying it a lot lately :p

Example- Jyeer: Play!

Me: *looks at game* I don't know how the heck you play this game, but ok! 

Example 2- Mom: Stefanie what kind of pie do you want?

Me: I did not know you were going to buy me anything after that fight we had...but ok!!!


definition: thats cool/a (i say it like: intresting! in-tres-ting...not interesting! :p)

origin: it's a word

Example: Becki: You know I was once in London and there's a Whitehall in London!

me: Intresting!!


i'm a little concernedEdit

definition: i am kinda worried

origin: it's a...phrase?

Example: *Me and my mom watching a TV show*

Mom: Look! His head came off!

Me: i'm a little concerend as to how it flew off that fast...

been there....Edit

definition: i have been where u are

origin: just something people say

Example: My friend: Oh I like him sooo much! I just wanna grab him and kiss him!

Me: been there....

Example 2: Friend: I miss him soo much! Why did he have to leave?

Me: been there....

(lots of other examples can be used i am saying this a lot o:

in the words of __________Edit

definition: as ______ says or would say

origin: something i say that i think is funny haha :p

Example: My mom: Stefanie, you have to delete some of the numbers from the caller ID and not let them all pile up!

Me: In the words of Amie, "I sowwy!" :p

Example 2: Me: [stands there with trash bag, needing my mom to put the trash into it] In the words of Jyerr, "Help!" lol

Sorry. That wasn't nice.Edit

definition: When Something I say is utterly rude or offensive. 

origin: something i started to say lately!


Kawaii Bunny's Catchphrases/QuotesEdit


Definition/Place of Origin: Another way to say "sorry".

Example: "Well sorriez!!!"


Definition/Place of Origin: The "Mikuru Beam" part is from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and then there is "IMA FIRRIN MAH LAZAR!!!" so, yeah.


"Oh noez!!!"

Definition/Place of Origin: Another way to say "Oh no!"

Example: "Oh noez!!!"

"But... but me."

Definition/Place of Origin: Well, I don't really know how to explain it.

Example: (Someone says something about going somewhere without me.) (Me) "But... but me.)

"What kind of sorcery is this!?"

Definition/Place of Origin: Memecenter.

Example: (Step-sister says something bad.) (Me) "What kind of sorcery is this!?"

"Who cares! You're not the (item) PUH-LICE!"

Definition/Place of Origin: Well, I just started randomly saying it one day.

Example: (Step-sister says something against me.) (Me) "Who cares! You're not the shoe PUH-LICE!"

There are more, but those are my favorites. :)

CDK's Catchphrases/QuotesEdit


"F**k that, dude."

"Oh/Aw, sh*t."

"We're good."

"Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!"

More on the way.

Anthony's QuotesEdit

"Holy fudgecakes!"

"What the heck?!"

"Calm down, dude."

More coming soon!