WARNING: The following content may not be appropriate for children of all ages. But, I mean, it IS geography... You're gonna have to learrn it at SOME point.

Have you ever been at a door, That just won't open? Pulling and tugging with all in your power, then all the sudden, someone walks up to you and PUSHES the door open? Me too. "Haha, thanks..." you say, looking like an idiot. Well, stuff like that happens. You think of possible ideas, and only the really bad ones come in and stay (It doesn't even cross your mind to push! That's what she said) The REALLY bad thing is, when someone of power, making an OFFICIAL decision does this. Like naming a town, area, or landmark. Example, why would someone name a town "Hell"? Example: Hell, Michigan. so someone ask a resident of Hell where they live. "I live in Hell!" That sounds mature. If you found this little bit amusing, read on, fellow Wikians. 

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