Vital statistics
Age Less than 15
Gender Male, obviously. LOLJK
Nationality American .. I think.. she LOOKS like she may have some Indian heritage..
Height Shorter than me.
Town of birth I'm not sure. Probably one of Baltimore's surrounding cities.
Current location Maryland
Occupation Middle schooler
Parents She has some...
Siblings None.
Love interests I can't even keep track.
Pessimist or optimist? Uhhhh...

 She likes cats and dogs. She lives in near Maryland 2 houses down from Evelyn.

info. fileEdit

Brianna is a girl

age: less than 21

height: shorter than evelyn

preferred job: Doctor

pet names: raven (cat) honey (dog) cocoa (dog)

robot name! lol: briannatron

younger memoriesEdit

I dreamed I got bite by a shark!!!

I saw a picture of FERBBBBBBB!!!!!!! Lol ROFL

Refrence to User:ilovebartmorethanyou16

summer adventuresEdit

brianna has been to:

niagra falls


West Virginia

parts of canada other than niagra falls

hotel called "hilton" in niagra falls

her familyEdit


loves her family

thinks there awesome


intelligence factor: 9

communication factor: 6

failing ideas factor: 2

excelling ideas factor: 7

emotion expression factor: 9

interest in opposite gender factor: 10! jk no like 4

dare accepting factor: 6

summer adventure factor: 10

appetite factor:5

meat craver factor: 4

vegetarian factor: 0

skill factor: 7

tech usage factor: 9

swimming factor: 10

what she looks likeEdit

favorite color: light purple (therefore, she typically wears purple clothes)

hairstyle: wavey

shoe brand : DC and Underarmour

eye color: brown


(I have no boyfriends)

Evelyn- She is an awesome friend. She rocks. Ohhh yea she is the owner of this website (The Big "E" Wiki) Also she is my neighbor!!!

Erin- Erin is my friend from school. She lives near Maryland as well. She is not my neighbor but I wish she was. She does not have a Wiki either!!!!

Sam- Sam is Evelyn's ( The big "E") brother. He and Evelyn live in the same house near Maryland. He is my neighbor. He is not my age but close too. We are close but not as close as I am too Evelyn. He does not have a Wiki!!!

Jack- He goes to the same school as me. He is kinda my friend. He is 1 year older then me and Evelyn. He is my neighbor. He does not have a Wiki!!!

(PS:) I sometimes run into Jack walking to Evelyns house!!

Thats all about my friends and neighbors!!!

cool factsEdit

evelyn calls me raspberry socks

i am good at drawing

i like to learn about animals

my favorite movie is: diary of a wimpy kid

my favorite board game is trouble

my favorite nintendo wii game is udraw

my favorite tv show is Family guy